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I posted this on my new blog last night but for those of you who havent jumped ship to the tumblr side I thought I'd post this for you all:

Letters to Haiti

In our years as friends Behati and I have been on many trips and adventures together all around the world. This January we will be traveling together for a very special reason. You've probably heard me talk often about Lakay Pam and the great work they do aiding orphans in Haiti. Together over this last year we've hosted events here in New York city which have raised a lot of money to benefit the children of that devastated country.

Now Behati and I are again teaming up with Lakay Pam to travel to Haiti with a few other friends with the idea of seeing what more we all can do. We're going to spend a few days with the orphans and experience their everyday life. While there we'll film a little documentary of what we encounter so you can see it first hand, where the aid is going and where we still need to help.

I have a big favor to ask of you all though, allow me to explain:

When we visit the orphanages we want to take with us letters from people around the world to show the children of Haiti that they have global friends, real people who care about them. In return we will be bringing back with us their letters to you all.

Please get out your pen and paper today and write a letter for them. If you could, include your name, age and address and send it to us here:

Letters To Haiti
C/O Elite Model Management
404 Park Avenue, Floor 9
New York, NY 10016

More updates on this will be coming soon, keep checking http://oh-so-coco.tumblr.com/


This blog is migrating...

If you're wondering where I've been lately I think THIS might explain it. I've slowly but surely been investigating and building a new blog on an entirely new platform - TUMBLR - http://oh-so-coco.tumblr.com/

I’ve picked tumblr as my new platform to blog from as I feel its much simpler and easier to manage and navigate. Everything of note that goes on my facebook and my twitter is blogged there - so if you look through the archive you’ll find a lot of things that you never saw on this blogspot.

If you don’t already have one, get your own tumblr and follow me! Its the way of the future people, trust me. See you on the other side...



Exciting Projects

I'm thankful for so many things in my career, but the one thing I'm most appreciative of is that I can use my position to try to help others. Over the last year I've had the pleasure to work with and get to know the good people who run Lakay Pam - an organization dedicated to helping children in Haiti meet their most basic needs. Over the next few months I'll have some exciting news to announce with regards to how I'm going to work with them further. Until then, please enjoy this video we made at the last Lakay Pam benefit I was privileged to host:

Another matter I'm passionate about is helping girls deal with body image issues and self esteem. I'm very happy to announce that I've partnered up with Seventeen magazine to join their Body Peace Council. Along with Serena Williams, Amber Riley, Whitney Port and Katherine Schwarzenegger I will be regularly writing for Seventeen magazine on body image and health topics.  To see my first blog for them click HERE and stay tuned for more...



MTV's Red Carpet Report

Two weeks ago I told you I was skipping town on New York fashion week to go host the red carpet event for MTV's VMA's. Turns out it was actually a white carpet but needless to say, it was a very fun experience. For a few hours I was interviewing everyone you can think of and asking them any question I could think of. Really, I had no idea what I was doing but if you missed it I'm posting some of my highlights in this blog. The links will probably only be available to my American readers so, for the rest of the world,  please go to your countries MTV website (Canada is MTV.ca) and look for my "Red Carpet Report".
  1. See Snooki visibly disgusted by my lack of tan - http://on.mtv.com/bo8nKj
  2. Watch me blatantly ask Amber to let me be on Glee - http://on.mtv.com/dmUNsm
  3. Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars admits to an identity crisis - http://on.mtv.com/9yyhBq
  4. Akon confesses aspirations to be a runway model - http://on.mtv.com/9jjQVK
  5. I found out what exactly is Rick Ross and Neyo's "swag" - http://on.mtv.com/dqEPBb
  6. In this clip B.o.B and I yell at each other - http://on.mtv.com/btcah5
  7. Travie McCoy tells me I need "a little shining" - http://on.mtv.com/aiLwwn
  8. I ask deadmau5 if he's ever been a livemau5 - http://on.mtv.com/aNOgQ3
  9. Pitbull claims to have put this whole outfit together for $5 -  http://on.mtv.com/duVjb7
  10. I tell Chuy from Chelsea Lately he can call me Cock Roach - http://on.mtv.com/aErDP5
  11. My girl Ciara loosing feathers and looking amazing in Givency - http://on.mtv.com/dAsqmQ
  12. Fellow Canadian Drake and I discuss fashion - http://on.mtv.com/aGVogC
I created an album of all the cell phone pictures I took and tweeted HERE annnd, if that wasn't enough for you - Here's some video footage James took of me while on the red (white) carpet, edited by every ones favorite editor, Mr. Gilbert Le.

There, now its like you were actually there with me!



Backstage Pass

Two down, two to go. New York fashion week ended last Thursday and as usual, there was a little under 24 hours before London Fashion week began. Its so funny to go to the airport and see every model, stylist and editor you can imagine, all cramming onto flights from NY to the UK. I spent a few days in London and did few shows there but I had to leave early this morning to head to Berlin for a job. I'll be here in Germany for a little over a day followed by Budapest for another job followed by.... Milan and Paris Fashion weeks!!

Yeah I know, it's a crazy month!
If you'd like to see what I did in NYFW go here. To see LFW go here.

This season I have James traveling with me for the first time, which is lovely. Going from city to city it can get a little lonely in this industry, so its nice to share this with him. We bought a new digital camera not long back and so James is also documenting everything we do. He actually came and hung out for the amazing Fashions Night Out Show Vogue put on 2 weeks ago and he got some pretty unprecedented backstage access and video. Our friend Gilbert Le edited the footage James took and the result is this little montage. I hope you enjoy it!!



A day in the life

On the night of September 10th the whole city came out and shopped for Fashions Night Out. I know there were a million stories of fun events around the city but for my story to be told I asked Gilbert Le and his film crew to come follow James and I for the entire day. You might recall that Gilbert's company, Americana Cinema, were the ones who created our wonderful wedding movie.

The day was packed: we went to a radio station, a BCBG show and then we hit the town for FNO - hanging with Behati, Zac Posen and thousands of New Yorkers. I hope you enjoy the video! A special thanks to the entire crew for their hard work, to Gilbert for his artistic touch and to my James for putting this all together.




I just left New York Fashion week in full swing to fly to LA for the gig I have out here tomorrow. MTV has asked me to come host their red carpet coverage of the Video Music Award's for MTV.com - As torn as I was to leave NYFW I just couldn't turn down the opportunity!! 

The MTV VMA Pre-Show I'm hosting airs live on the web tomorrow (Sunday the 12th) at 8/7c. Tune in to Style.MTV.com or MTV.com to watch my Red Carpet Report!!

I've done my crash course on who's who and I feel somewhat ready for the big day tomorrow but I wanted to ask all you fashion fans: Are there any questions you think I should ask? 

Let me know by tomorrow afternoon!!



FNO 2010

Fashion Week SS-11 really crept up on me this year. People, IT ALREADY STARTED?! That having been said, the question everyone in fashion has been asking ad nauseum is "What are you doing for Fashions Night Out?". The problem is, there's so much going on! I guess that is a nice problem to have, I've managed to narrow down my list so I just wanted you to know three spots I'll definitely be at.

First stop will be the Fratelli Rossetti Boutique (Madison & 59th) to support my sweet friend Behati Prinsloo in her first ever photo exhibition! I saw her yesterday and she says she's been setting up all week, hanging the photos just so and deciding on lighting. You might remember a few months ago I showed you the amazing engagement pictures she took of James and I. Now I'm super excited to see her work on a large scale!

The next stop will be to meet up with Zac Posen at Saks Fifth Avenue (5th and 49th). People always ask me if I can get them tickets to shows, as if I just get handed a stack of them at the beginning of every fashion week. Sadly I don't, but this time I can at least try to get you a ticket. As far as NY shows go, it doesn't get much better than Mr. Posen and everyone who shows up at Saks will be able to enter to win tickets to his show on Saturday! In fact he has invited me to help him pick the winners with him!

After 8pm I'll be heading downtown to the Reiss London store in Soho for my own event with Rimmel. The theme of the party is all things British. Being that this year I married myself a Brit and the slogan on my Rimmel campaign is "Get the London Look!" I felt it was a good fit. Makeup Artist Liz Pugh will be there (she did my wedding make-up in France FYI) along with stylists and Vogue experts who can help you create your own London look and makeover. Come get a goodie bag, get your make up done, get glammed up for the rest your night out on the town and take a picture with me!!!

So those are the main three stops, but there are sure to be others!! The whole night I'll be tweeting from http://twitter.com/Oh_So_Coco so follow me to find out the details of my night and tweet me  to let me know whats going on around you - I just might stop by!

Ok your turn, what are you doing for FNO 2011??



Let the madness begin...

Here we are, Monday of THE busiest week in fashion. Tomorrow night is the first ever Fashions Night Out runway show put on by Vogue magazine. I'll be one of over 150 models walking in the largest fashion show New York city has ever seen. More than 1,500 ticket holding guests will be spectators in person with millions more watching the live stream on CBS.com - If that wasn't enough, you can watch a whole CBS documentary about Fashions Night Out on Wednesday, September 15 at 8 pm.

But after the show tomorrow night comes the event I'm most excited to talk to you about and guess what? YOU'RE ALL INVITED!!!

Back in February I hosted an event for Lakay Pam which aimed to raise money for Haiti. The event was more successful than we could have ever imagined, raising over $60,000 for the children of Haiti. In fact it went so well we are going to do it again tomorrow night...

Who's "we" you may ask?

MODELS! Lots of us. In addition to yours truly top models Aline Weber, Caroline Trentini, Hannah Holman, Lisanne De Jong, Valentina Zaliayeva and Michelle Alves will be there – Victoria's secret models Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanpoel, Izabel Goulart and Ana Beatriz Barros will be on hand - annnnd, (yes theres more!!) Sport’s Illustrated models Fernanda Motta, Cintia Dicker and Damaris Lewis will all be there. That's a lot of girls.  Please come join us at Opera Gallery 415 West 13th street New York TOMORROW NIGHT at 8:30 pm. There's an open bar, music by DJ Harley Viera-Newton and amazing sports and fashion items up for auction: For example, you could be the proud owner of a Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit issue signed by the SI girls or a Soccer Ball signed by the entire Milan AC team. Even if you just want to stop by to say hello, your donations will go to good use as 100% of all the proceeds go to rebuilding schools and helping orphans.

So I'll see you tomorrow night, right!?



They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

To celebrate 25 years of British ELLE, I was invited to join them in their biggest editorial ever. The inspiration for the shoot was a 1969 Jane Fonda movie called "They Shoot Horses, Don't they?". The premise of the film and of the shoot was a depression era dance competition in which couples literally danced until they dropped, sometimes for days on end with little to no sleep.

The Elle team and I set up in a giant warehouse in Brooklyn to reenact this movie. For three days the other models and I pushed ourselves past the point of exhaustion to dance all day, every day in a space that was probably over 100 degrees in temperature. This was method acting at its finest as we were literally living the movie. The shoot was probably one of the most intense I've ever experienced, but the pictures that resulted were worth the effort. I was so thankful to have such an amazing group to work with. Anne-Marie Curtis the fashion director at Elle UK was wonderful and a genuinely sweet lady. Billy Brasfield and Rolando Beauchamp were on make-up and hair - both are masters at their craft and also two of the funniest men you'll ever meet. They managed to keep everyone's spirits up despite the heat and the exhaustion. I thank my dream-team from the bottom of my heart for making this shoot one I'm sure we will all never forget.

For more of the 25 incredible pictures, please visit my Official Facebook page, here.


Notre Mariage

Within this blog you often see into my professional life but, once I saw these films I realized that though personal, they were too beautiful to keep to myself. The first film is just 3 minutes long and is perfect for those of you who may not have much time. The second  film is an expanded 18 minute version and contains some lovely interviews. I'm happy to present to you two short films documenting our wedding in France, the happiest day of my life.

James and I would like to give a heart felt thanks and credit to the following people:
  • Cynthia Nicholson and her lovely family who opened the grand doors of their Chateau to us. Cynthia, you made us all feel like royalty and gave us two days we will never forget.  (I highly recommend you to make a trip to Chateau Challain in the Loire valley and spend the night, it's worth the trip!)
  • Gilbert Le and his amazing Americana Cinema crew who made these beautiful films. He's simply THE best cinematographer we ever met and he realized our vision for the film perfectly. Thank you Gilbert for capturing the look, feel and ambiance of our special day in a way we can always cherish.
  • Our wonderful family and friends who made it all the way out to France to watch us exchange our vows. You are the reason we are who we are and we love you with all our hearts.
  • Zac Posen and his talented team who created a true masterpiece for me to wear. I can never thank you enough for making this little girls dream come true Zac, you are a true artist and friend.
  • Additional thanks to Dior Homme for James' handsome tuxedo and Liz Pugh at Rimmel for coming all the way from London to do my make-up.
I sign off now as,
Mrs. Coco Rocha Conran.



Well August is almost out the door and that means one thing - Fashion Week is nearly here!!! This season Modelinia has teamed up with Nine West on a very special project which I'm happy to be a part of. I'll be one of forty models doing what we models do best - WALK - but this time, for a cause. My girls and I will all be strapping on our specially made Nine West’s boot with built in pedometer's to track our every step. For every mile of steps accumulated Nine West will make a donation to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer which supports research and education. 

Would you like to help us? Well you can! Modelinia will have a dedicated site for you to check out how many steps each model has taken per day (oh its on!!) and you can even SPONSOR A MODEL! How great is that? 

I'm unleashing my competitive spirit on this one and calling out all other models!! I promise you, if that means I'm going to be walking to each and every show, I will out walk them all. That having been said, if any show is late on my account, please remember it will be for a good cause ;)

During our week we've been given these new Sony Bloggie's to document our thousands of steps. I used my Bloggie for the first time while Nigel Barker shot myself, Jessica White and Lisalla Montenegro in a little promo we did. I uploaded the rather jerky video for you guys but let it be known, drinking lots of coffee before working with the bloggie is not advised:

Yah, I realize I have quite a way to go before my first full motion picture. I just thought it was kind of funny seeing the whole shoot from my perspective. By the way,  we're doing another shoot with the charming Mr. Nigel Barker and this time FOURTY girls, on August 31st. You're invited!! Really! You can all come watch it all happen in Manhattans meatpacking district so stay tuned for more information. Before I go I'll leave you with a much better quality video from the shoot, courtesy of Modelina:

See more videos on modelinia.com



The Artists Studio

The location picked for Nordstrom's Fall 2010 collection shoot was the most amazing artists studio I'd ever seen, right in the middle of Manhattan. After the first day of shooting I went home and told James (also an artist) all about the studio, its magnificent views and its old world charm. The next day James came by and got to see for himself what an artists paradise it really was! This studio is home to artist Ruben Toledo who is actually the husband of designer Isabel Toledo! They are quite the dynamic duo and for a lovely little article about how they work and inspire one another, please turn HERE.

Rubens work is well known. He's illustrated for many of the worlds top fashion magazines and for many years now he's been the illustrator of Nordstrom’s national designer ad campaign. Hence this little shoot...

To see the pictures we took in Rubens loft (please do!) feel free to have a look at the album I made on my Official Facebook HERE (click).



Mystery Billboard Explained!

Hello from gorgeous Costa Rica!!! If you're in north America and you watched TV on Wednesday night you might have figured out the mystery of my Times Square billboard - The billboard was actually part of last weeks Project Runway challenge which was won by Gretchen Jones. As part of her prize I was asked to model her navy jumpsuit to appear on the Marie Claire campaign. So the big secret is now out, which is good, it was getting pretty awkward keeping it -  even my Auntie was trying to get the info out of me!!! For more information on the episode click HERE and for a cute little article about the Project Runway preview party I went to last week go HERE.

This months Glamour magazine has a fun little feature called the "How To Do Anything Better Guide". A few weeks the magazine came over to my apartment with the chef from New York City's SALT restaurant to help me throw a "better" party for some of my friends. I was taught a few interesting new dishes and mixed drinks and the magazine asked me to give my own party-throwing advice (though I'm probably the least party-minded model you'll ever meet). I

I will admit, the party playlist leaves something to be desired, I thought they were asking whats on my iPod right now! Opps... I do love myself some Cocteau twins though.


My Honeymoon In Corsica

Written by Coco Rocha for Huffington Post

This Spring my fiancé James and I decided to have a fairy tale wedding across the Atlantic in a castle in the Loire Valley of France. Since this was to be a destination wedding we soon decided we didn't want to back-track halfway around the world for our honeymoon. James suggested Corsica as a possibility. Neither of us had been there and, to be honest, I'd never even heard of it! To me the name "Corsica" sounded like a made-up world like Pandora, where the Na'vi live. To my surprise the country was indeed real and in fact very beautiful in all the pictures I saw doing research. When we got there, we realized we didn't even know the half of it.

Corsica is the most mountainous island of the Mediterranean due to the fact that it was created out of a series of huge volcanic eruptions. Picture dramatic cliffs falling into the ocean and rich green mountains rising over the horizon. For the most part Corsica is untouched compared to similar islands I've been to. Nearly half of the land is devoted to nature reserves so driving across the island you get the feeling that this is your own private place. On a road trip going nowhere in particular, James and I set off in our little rental car and hugged the tiny mountain roads, making stops at old abandoned stone farm houses and ice cold mountain waterfalls where we stripped down and swam. We basically saw no one else around most of the time, exactly what a couple on their honeymoon hopes for. When we weren't exploring the island by car, James and I stayed in a gorgeous northern coastal town called Ille Rousse. Within two days we felt completely at home there, roaming the winding cobble stone streets for new restaurants to try. We found the food was mostly a French-Italian mix of pastas, seafood and pizza, and we greedily devoured it all. Both James and I have always hated olives but, for some odd reason, we dared each other to try one in Corsica and we were instantly hooked! I don't know what it was about those olives, but they were amazing and when we came back to New York and tried an olive here, it just wasn't the same.

Corsica is very much your own experience. No one is going to hold your hand to guide you or to hold you back. In all the beaches we lounged on there were no signs posted "Do Not Swim Here" which was both very freeing and a little scary. I get rather nervous when I don't know what else is swimming around me so my snorkel helped me to assure myself that Jaws was not actually right underneath me. The ocean, by the way, was crystal clear and a gorgeous shade of turquoise. I truly loved Corsica, and that funny name will forever be associated with my beautiful honeymoon and first two weeks as a married woman.

We've said we are going back there for our 10-year anniversary.



Oh So Behati

A few months back my good friend Behati offered to take some pictures of James and I in our engagement bliss. Many of you will know Behati for her work in front of the camera as one of the worlds most beloved models, but unbeknown to many she has also been developing her skills behind the camera too! Here's a little conversation we had recently about her new found skills. And whatever you do, don't call her a model-slash anything!

Coco: So Behati, you're well known as a model and now even as a designer with the pieces you've created for Victoria's Secret. How long have you had this secret life as a photographer?!

Behati: Haha my secret life has been blossoming for more than a year now! I only shoot film, mostly black and white, and I use a Nikon F10 and also the Contax G2 Jamie got me for my birthday!

Coco: Why do you choose to use old school film and developing? You know the rest of the world went digital 10 years ago, right?

Behati:  Yeah, I know, but film cameras just came out in Africa!  I try to keep up with my country Coco, we're 10 years behind!! No in all seriousness, I love film. Helmut Newton's pictures are amazing and that's what I want! I think digital in some ways took away a photographers freeness. Not knowing what you have and seeing the pictures when you develop them is really nice. Every one comes out different and I love the feel of film, the way it looks.

Coco: It's sort of a dying art, do you find yourself asking older photographers on set a lot of extra questions?

Behati: Yeah all the time, and they love helping me because most of them used to shoot film and now do digital because its cheaper. As soon as they see my old school camera they grab it! I've learned a lot on shoots from everyone - Matt Jones said I should come assist him just to learn how to do light reading and stuff... or, maybe I forced him in to that haha!

Coco: Haha! Either way that would be fun! Do you remember the first picture's you ever took?

Behati: Yeah they were in Tompkins Square Park in New York. My first roll of film was of Jamie and Boyd and an eagle eating a squirrel!? haha, epic. Most of that film came out too dark and you can barley see there faces, but it was fun!

Coco: Eating a squirrel!? Sounds terrifying! Makes me wonder what the last set of pictures you took was?

Behati: The last picture's I took were of you at you're wedding! They all came out perfect, I could not be happier!

Coco: James and I loved them too! They feel so classic and timeless. So, other than brides and dead squirrels, what are your favorite subjects to photograph and why?

Behati: Mostly people. I take random portraits of people I meet on the street and of my friends just being silly! I love very simple black and white shots that are very raw - no make up, hair or fashion - just the person and what's happening in that moment! I think thats very real and beautiful!

Coco: I loved our photo shoot together for that reason. There was no hair and makeup fussing, no stylist and directors giving conflicting orders. Just you me and James.

Behati: I loved shooting you guys.  As your friend it's amazing to see you with James and so happy. To be the first one to shoot you both so was very special, that whole day was memorable and a lot of fun!! I remember buying a scooter right after we shot it and all of us riding from 86th street all the way to my house on 11th street. I was exhausted! Haha. I'll always remember you and James in the park, being so in love!

Coco: Yes, hours upon hours of public displays of affection in central park! Haha. James wants to know if you think he has what it takes to take his modeling to the next level...

Behati: Oh for sure, he was super duper amazing. He took direction very well, from both of us haha! He'll be the next big thing!

Coco: He'll be happy to hear that. So is there someone other than the Conran's that you'd love to photograph but haven't had the chance to?

Behati: I once saw Keith Richards in a hotel having dinner. I so badly wanted to go up to him and take a portrait but I just couldn't get myself to go over there and disturb him!  Id also love to take a portrait of Tilda Swinton. It would be amazing to travel with a band or skater kids and document a whole year of their lives in old school rock and roll black and white grainy pictures!

Coco: You should kill two birds with one stone and just follow Keith and The Stones around for a year! I'm sure they wouldn't mind the company...

Behati: Not a bad idea haha!

Coco: Speaking of which, we noticed you lugging a LOT of equipment around for our shoot, all by your little self. When are you going to get yourself an assistant?

Behati: Haha yeah that was very heavy, I think its time!  Thanks to James for helping me carry everything around - while he was on his scooter - with you on the back of it as well! If you know of any potential assistants shoot me an email haha ;)

Coco: I'm guessing a couple of our readers would love to take that position!  We will send contact information your way! Any inspirational last words you'd like to leave Oh So Coco readers with?

Behati: Love will save the world! xoxo

Coco: I agree! Thank you for the wonderful day Behati, I think you're wonderful and can't wait to see what you have in store for us  all next.

If you'd like to see more of the pictures we took that day, I've posted 50 of them on my Official Facebook page. Feel free to check them out and leave Behati a comment!




For this entire month you can find this billboard of me up in the bright lights of Times Square, New York. The reason why its up is, for now, a closely guarded secret... does any one have any guesses??


Update: People have been posting photos of themselves in front of the billboard (Though one looks suspiciously photoshopped haha)!! If you put yours on my official facebook page I'll continue to update this post with the pictures!

UPDATE 8/6/10: As revealed on last nights Project Runway, the billboard was part of the prize for the winner Gretchen. I was thrilled when Project Runway asked me to wear her design and be a part of the photo shoot for the show. I believe a behind-the-scenes video is coming out soon...