I just left New York Fashion week in full swing to fly to LA for the gig I have out here tomorrow. MTV has asked me to come host their red carpet coverage of the Video Music Award's for MTV.com - As torn as I was to leave NYFW I just couldn't turn down the opportunity!! 

The MTV VMA Pre-Show I'm hosting airs live on the web tomorrow (Sunday the 12th) at 8/7c. Tune in to Style.MTV.com or MTV.com to watch my Red Carpet Report!!

I've done my crash course on who's who and I feel somewhat ready for the big day tomorrow but I wanted to ask all you fashion fans: Are there any questions you think I should ask? 

Let me know by tomorrow afternoon!!



Lisa Petrarca said...

We will be feeding the homeless in Long Beach tomorrow...hope to get home in time to watch.

Everyone always asks what & who they're wearing, (fashion, jewelry, etc.), so I thought it would be fun to ask, "Are you wearing anything from your own personal closet?

Erin said...

I think you should ask Rihanna, why she found it necessary to change her style so dramatically. Did it have something to do with changes in her music or did she just feel like it?

Anonymous said...

Creationism or evolution...=)

Dodo said...

Have fun! =D It's a great oppertunity!

Clare Ruth said...

Good luck Coco, I shall tune in!
BTW you are so damn lucky girl, you really are living the life!!

fancifulsoul.blogspot.com :)

Gairah Love said...

i like this blog! I´m your new follower!

Bella HaHay said...

Gal you're so energetic. Always working long hours consecutively.

Raquel said...

Yes. I think you should always ask the stars "Why did you choose this dress and how did you start searching? Did you think of a colour, a shape, a style?"

Unknown said...

*crickets chirping*

ask lindsay lohan if she could design prison uniforms, would they look like the outfits from dont tell mom the babysitters dead?

Sasha Leong said...

If you have your own fashion line, describe your best selling piece :D

It will be fun if they give totally innovative wacky responses! :)

Have fun, Coco! Looking forward to view the video. I love the internet. Keeps us connected halfway around the world!


Christian said...

I would do it too if i have the opportunity sometime, keep doing this things, you rock on them ! You're carismatic and so pretty! I know that i will have the chance to meet you and have some talk Coco !

I bet i will ! I'm a little model of 1.93 cm and I'm starting my career !

So , see you soon !!! I wish you good luck in everything that you propose to do and more !!!

Love, Chris.

PS: here's my Twitter if you want to talk


Anonymous said...

hope you had fun! I missed the awards.

Louis said...

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D e g a i n e said...

Sounds like so much fun, great blog!

d e g a i n e


OneCraftyFox said...

I'm sooooo late on this one! Hope it went well, how could it not, you are so fabulous! :)

The Corsair said...

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Coco! I absolutely j'adored (!!!) the black dress with ruffled straps you wore to the VMA's. You are so beautiful! I really love how you are so versatile. And I just wanted to say hi and say how it makes me really giddy with happiness that one of my favorite models keeps a blog so I feel like you're not too far from reach! hahah (sorry that was kinda cheesy.)

lots of l-u-v, natalie liao :)