Backstage Pass

Two down, two to go. New York fashion week ended last Thursday and as usual, there was a little under 24 hours before London Fashion week began. Its so funny to go to the airport and see every model, stylist and editor you can imagine, all cramming onto flights from NY to the UK. I spent a few days in London and did few shows there but I had to leave early this morning to head to Berlin for a job. I'll be here in Germany for a little over a day followed by Budapest for another job followed by.... Milan and Paris Fashion weeks!!

Yeah I know, it's a crazy month!
If you'd like to see what I did in NYFW go here. To see LFW go here.

This season I have James traveling with me for the first time, which is lovely. Going from city to city it can get a little lonely in this industry, so its nice to share this with him. We bought a new digital camera not long back and so James is also documenting everything we do. He actually came and hung out for the amazing Fashions Night Out Show Vogue put on 2 weeks ago and he got some pretty unprecedented backstage access and video. Our friend Gilbert Le edited the footage James took and the result is this little montage. I hope you enjoy it!!



Anonymous said...

this is so great!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can't believe you're coming to Budapest! I hope you'll have a great time here!
Is it for some public event where we might see you?
Also, if you are interested in Hungarian designers, get the Room magazine, it's the best one around here.



Not Specified said...

Loved the video! And you looked stunning :) xx

Michel said...

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you...

Your wedding video is simply ROYAL!
Your backstage video filmed at Vogues FNO show is AMAZING!

Coco you always look THE BEST in all.
James hum! you have got INCREDIBLE talents.

Bravo... the WORLD looks at YOU!

Michel, St-Sauveur

Bonne √Čtoile said...

OMG!!!! When are you coming to Budapest? Can I see you somewhere? It would be macical if I could only see you! Are you having a shoot here?


Bella HaHay said...

Thanks for sharing Coco, I've watched it streamed online and feel really excited about FNO!

Hannah said...

The fashion night out show looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Hi coco!!, beautifull dress and video!!
All is fantastic like always, congratuations!
Now I'm swiming in my utopia blog. I invite you all!!
Regards from Madrid!!

Anonymous said...

omg this video is so cool:) when are you going to be in budapest? is it possible to meet you, take some photos or something? you dont know how much that would mean!

vatienne said...

It litterally gave me the goose bumps when tonnes of models came out of nowhere and started just HIT the runway. Wow what an atmosphere I wanted to be!!!
Thank you for positng this!!


Lisa Petrarca said...

Isn't it funny how when you start blogging you ALWAYS need to have your camera in tow!LOL!

My husband gets sick of it sometimes & says, "Can't we just NOT take pictures for your blog today!"

I LOVE that you share so much of your wonderful & exciting life with those of us stuck behind a desk...THANKS COCO!!

Anonymous said...

i'm not a big fan of yours, but i've heard so much about you, not sure if it's hype, etc. but i just saw the clip of you next to alessandro and gisele, et co. and boy must i admit that you were working while those girls were just acting 'pretty'. good luck to you and hope you'll continue to find work in this industry.

Rebecca said...

Love it!

Eleanor said...

Thank you for sharing such an amazing video!
Safe travels!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Oh BTW Coco...need your HONEST opinion, is it okay to wear black to a wedding?

I don't want to commit a fashion faux pas...but I LOVE this vintage 50's style dress that I found & would love to wear it (I posted pics).

Just hoping it's acceptable now! HELP!


Angelic said...

I have to say you are truly an inspiration to me. You are my favorite model, because of your principles and morals. You are a role model for me and I mean it in the sincerest of ways.

thank you,

Anonymous said...

as a film enthusiast I absolutely loved this video! Congrats on your wedding, the beautiful photo shoot in ELLE UK, and good luck in London! Maybe I'll see you in Paris during Fashion Week?!

from a Norvégienne in Paris!

Anonymous said...

Cool video! Anyone know who the music is by?

Brad Fallon said...

Awesome video - love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video! I watched the Oscar de la Renta show online, and you looked stunning! Your second dress was already exquisite on its own, but you made it look even better.


Camille said...

you are lucky !
i would like to go to budapest too

Camille C said...

Keep it up bella !
Thanks for these shared pics/videos ..!


Market Savant said...

I have always admired your joie de vivre...keep rocking.

Colleen said...

cool video. it's such a good idea to videotape things...videos are so much more fun to look back on than pictures!

Anniek said...

Wow, awesome!

Daiva said...

What's the music in this amazing video?

lifeisamaze said...

I love the video ! It's great that James come with you :)