Well August is almost out the door and that means one thing - Fashion Week is nearly here!!! This season Modelinia has teamed up with Nine West on a very special project which I'm happy to be a part of. I'll be one of forty models doing what we models do best - WALK - but this time, for a cause. My girls and I will all be strapping on our specially made Nine West’s boot with built in pedometer's to track our every step. For every mile of steps accumulated Nine West will make a donation to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer which supports research and education. 

Would you like to help us? Well you can! Modelinia will have a dedicated site for you to check out how many steps each model has taken per day (oh its on!!) and you can even SPONSOR A MODEL! How great is that? 

I'm unleashing my competitive spirit on this one and calling out all other models!! I promise you, if that means I'm going to be walking to each and every show, I will out walk them all. That having been said, if any show is late on my account, please remember it will be for a good cause ;)

During our week we've been given these new Sony Bloggie's to document our thousands of steps. I used my Bloggie for the first time while Nigel Barker shot myself, Jessica White and Lisalla Montenegro in a little promo we did. I uploaded the rather jerky video for you guys but let it be known, drinking lots of coffee before working with the bloggie is not advised:

Yah, I realize I have quite a way to go before my first full motion picture. I just thought it was kind of funny seeing the whole shoot from my perspective. By the way,  we're doing another shoot with the charming Mr. Nigel Barker and this time FOURTY girls, on August 31st. You're invited!! Really! You can all come watch it all happen in Manhattans meatpacking district so stay tuned for more information. Before I go I'll leave you with a much better quality video from the shoot, courtesy of Modelina:

See more videos on modelinia.com



Elizabeth Faraday said...

wow amazing! i'm so glad your doing this, it's so cool!!! great videos, i love all of your shoots, and i'm sure nigel barker was amazing to work with!!

Anne said...

Yay! I'm excited... I want to see if I'm able to come watch. Nine West shoes are comfy lol. The Runway Relief campaign you're in looks fabulous, congratulations center model!

Anonymous said...

cant open the second video below :-(((((( posted by JC

Olen Riyanto said...

very awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sound great!!!!cant wait to see it!!


Frida Wannerberger said...

such walkietalkie project :>


Emma Hoareau said...

this looks amazing coco- you're always behind a good cause!


agenzia hostess Verona said...

Great post, thanks for the links. You seem to be reading day and night looking for good stuff to post lol....

Nana said...

I love and want those boots. xox