Haiti: How can we help?

I'm at the airport waiting for a flight and for the last 2 hours I've sat here and watched CNN's continuous coverage on the horrible situation in Haiti. I've kept up with the news these past few days but seeing all this in relentless succession, I just feel sick to my stomach. As I watch the screen I see there are so many bodies being dumped at grave yards without being named and there's just as many orphans roaming the streets with no where to go home to, no one to hold or comfort them. I'm watching as these poor Haitians scramble for the most basic food and medicine. The one beautiful thing in all this chaos is that more and more people are lending a hand and their support, but still, it isn't enough. I want to use my voice on this blog to ask you personally to think about ways that you can help these people. We can't leave it to the next person. We all, as human beings, have a responsibility to one another.

As I fly to Paris tonight I'm going to think about  more ways I myself can help further. In the mean time there are some very good and reputable charities around like yele.org - oxfam.org and doctorswithoutborders.org -  these good people provide us with a number of opportunities to show our support of the effort over there. Take some time to have a look at these sites please and also feel free to leave me a comment about how you have helped or plan on doing so.

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Anne said...

Good job Coco! It's terrible to hear and see what is happening to Haiti... I think our government needs to go in on this rather than fighting in wars with 2 3rd world countries to "premote democracy". Haiti needs help! Awesome web links, I love it!

Caroline said...

My high school of 300 girls has raised $2000 so far, with everyone pitching in as much as they want. It's not very original, but I'm sure every dollar helps someone somehow.

Amy Liz said...

I'm doing what I can to get people together here: http://www.firstgiving.com/beahero-haiti - I've donated in a couple of ways but, like so many others, I wish I could do more!

to montreal, with love said...

Haiti has been in a difficult situation for a number of years and hasn't gotten the widescale attention it deserves. This earthquake just the straw that broke the camel's back.

The biggest thing is to keep haiti in our minds once the crisis clears, as there will be years and years of rebuilding and rehabilitation.

maybe you could use the blog to give people voice in Haiti. You speak French and therefore shouldn't have too much trouble communicating with Haitians. Maybe your friend from haiti can hook you up with interviews that you can use to publicize the situation of haitians.

you could maybe even speak to aid workers - as you know, we (Canada, Quebec in particular) has a strong relationship with haiti - there were 2000+ Canadians in Haiti at the time the earthquake struck and many more will go back. Perhaps you could give them space to discuss their experiences.

I would love to see a youtube channel with videos/mini-docs of humanitarian work that socially conscious individuals (models and us homely girls alike ;o) are doing.

Besides that, there are a lot of organizations that will be taking volunteers in the next few months, it may be useful to promote them, while being mindful of the precarious security situation there (parts were pretty dangerous before, imagine now).

Global Volunteer Network will be taking volunteers this year (I went to India with them a few years ago and they are quite reputable - i may also go to haiti with them in March).

Habitat for humanity will also be organizing volunteers, too.

I think i've rambled enough now.
Good luck and i think it's fantastic that you're so willing to bring social issues to your blog.

Carlos Alberto Silva said...


@ MAISONCHAPLIN.blogspot.com

Jade said...

Amazing to spread awareness and support :)

the red cross has raised over 21 million us dollars in $10 dollar donations through text messages!

ME said...

World Vision is doing amazing things in Haiti and has been for over 30 years. Please consider partnering with them as a celebrity spokesperson, and going on a field mission to Haiti with them. Jann Arden, Colin Mochrie and many others are supporters. CNN has said they have been one of the most effective organizations on the ground because they understand the culture and have the long term relationships there. You can follow Dave Toycen, president of World Vision Canada, on Twitter at @toycenontheroad , he is giving regular updates.

The real need will happen 2-12 months from now, when it is out of the news and the rebuilding needs money, supplies and expertise to happen.

You can also help to lobby the IMF through One to erase all of Haiti's foreign debt.

Stephanie said...

What happened in Haiti is so incredibly sad and I think it's our duty to do our part whether that is spreading the word or donating.

Thanks for posting about this!


Jenny said...

Im organizing a charity with World Vision at my school and the clubs I am president of

the hair whisperer said...

I work at Mix Salon & Spa in Ottawa, ON, Canada. We've been organizing a "Haircuts for Haiti" for jan.31.2010 where the stylists and aestheticians at the salon will be giving everything they make at the event to the Red Cross so that they can use it to help Haiti. I've created an event for it on the salon's Facebook page, if you want to take a look :)

hirondelle said...

I think the best choice is doctors without borders. and if you make a donation via richard dawkins foundation by paypal, there is no aditional fee. but what a pitty,in turkey richard dawkins related sites are banned.

ediot said...

im not sure which organization is the best.. but i donated to the red cross.. and i do hope it goes to the right place.
its also important to give an shout-out via blogs- to make more people involved! take care cute coco.

xx ediot

RubyMel said...

I would caution people regarding giving money to Yele.org, as the mishandling of their money has been widely reported.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reminder. i donated money to oxfam and hope the relief efforts continue..

Coco-Fan♥ said...

well i have being helping because on my school they ask us for stuff to give to the haitians... but still we need to hel more

la petite fashionista said...

thank you for your note on the situation in Haiti! so glad to see so many people taking action & a role model such as yourself motivating us as well!


Dodo said...

Yesterday the dutch population collected 41 million euro and our government doubled that. Think it's quite good for us being a small country so I hope the bigger ones will give a lot more!

Maria Ana said...

You're a good person Coco!

Phoebe said...

Haiti's people were really so poor.
Coco, i donated money to them!
Your reminder have help them a lot!

Deaulivery said...

I've written a special song, and I hope musicians will be creative in making original songs to set a tone for creativity, ultimately for funding the rebuilding of the country... Much like models... If you can beautify Haiti with your beauty, for example, it will be an interesting take, and tourism will be a top industry just like in other Caribbeans. Peace xx

l'estonienne said...

Thank you everyone for caring! :)

Suzana said...

Hi Coco, thank you for taking the time to post about this and for offering a helping hand!

Here is an idea: as a new stylist, maybe you could design a special t-shirt, in line with the "hope for haiti" campaign. You could launch it during fashion week and have part of the income reverted to oxfam, or another organization of your choice.

It could be a partnership with the participation of your fashion network. You could shoot friends wearing your design, create no-frills videos and use your blog and twitter to promote the campaign virally. You could ask fashion magazines to dedicate free advertisement to the cause, just as so many t.v. stations broadcasted the recent Telethon.

I believe the fashion world could match what Clooney spear-headed, it's a matter of how!

All the best in whichever way you choose to contribute your time and efforts. You have a true compassionate spirit, thanks for your time and I am confident you can make a difference.

Yin said...

almost let me cry out for!inncent people died around us,but for many peoples,it's just a news.....:(

Anonymous said...

Our salon is doing a cuttathon! Others have done the same offering a day of revenue to Red Cross.
I am wondering if 'Water Can' or Aveda have anything gong??
Also Mac's Milk Stores are collecting $1.00 and then they match it as well as the Gov of Can
So...every $1.00 = $3.00 in donation

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Its nice to see people trying to chane this, my old school is donating so much, we are trying to help! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Coco,

This is just a note to let you know that your little Eire Born friends did an Irish Dance performance tonight. ALL PROCEEDS are going to Haiti. The girls aged 7 - 14 raised $450.00 tonight with a 6 minute show. Every dollar helps.

Good Luck at the Grammies.


The Single Chick said...
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The Single Chick said...

Hi Coco,

I noticed someone above suggested that you design a t-shirt since you're a new designer. I'm actually organizing a fundraising effort that is along the lines of Hope for Haiti, but with a little twist. There are number of Canadian Celebs who have agreed to design shirts for a project called One Heart Canada for the same purpose. There are writers, singers, actors and athletes. If you're interested, there is nobody from the fashion industry represented and I'm sure your name would encourage people to contribute to the relief. I can send you all the details (including where the funds will be donated) to review if you'd like. My email address is juanita@oneheartcanada.org

Thanks for putting information about reputable charities on your blog so your fans have an idea of where they can send their donations.

Take care,