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Jesús R.C said...

I Cant Believe Coco Rocha the fab girl is going to have a line *o*
Im 100% with u babe! youre amazing!
but i really need to think what im going to say about suggestions so..
maybe the second comment (:

we LOVE gucci, because coco does (:

veritas said...

how about "Volubilis" or"oleander" and have a happy thanks giving coco!


just_anastasia said...

Maybe just "So Coco"? :)

AX80 said...

Why not something that relates to home? Some sort of culture enrichment through naming your brand some name or word only used in Canada.


Very excited to hear the results! Good luck!

-Alex / AX80.

LucasdeAc said...

Oh.. U R so real, thats why i truly like you!

Anonymous said...

Coco Couture

Jennifer Dickinson said...

Congrats! And I believe you should stick to something clean and simple, like "Coco", or bring in elements from your home that have meaning to you - something like "False Creek", etc.

P.S. I'm from Victoria BC! Go BC!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should do wearable clothes for women of all ages, from 14-40. Something sheek and colorful yet eleget and sexy.

Anonymous said...

I really like your name. Coco Rocha. That might translate well into a line.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

i'd suggest either your name itself "Coco Rocha" or "Coco". Or even name it using your blog's name, "Oh so Coco" so that your fans/followers will know easy that it's your line. :)

Anonymous said...

O wow that's amazing! So happy for you!! Can't think of a name right now though

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Oh So Coco! It's already identified with you, it's unique, and it rhymes!

Anonymous said...

I like Oh So Coco too! Good luck with your line!

Anonymous said...
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makeupbylien said...

heey coco
omg thats amazing. I have also been "modeling" for a while and I am about the take a program at john casablancas for fashion marketing and management because I absolutly love the fashion industry.
I think that a key thing to having a fashion line is that it is actually wearable. I feel that when it comes to many designers you can't actually wear alot of clothes in you every day life. I also believe that there shoud perhaps be an affordable line and a more high end line. I absolutly love fashion but I am anable to afford many items. Staying true what you actually like is also important. People want to wear what coco wears so if you where to design something you wouldnt actually wear defetes the purpose of having a line. Having your clothing line being made is canada or the US is also important to alot of people. I prefer to purchase something that is made in canada vs made is china or japan. The materials that the clothes are made out of is also important. Weather you chose to use fur or no fur.
Having accessorties and bags is also nice, but clothes are the first priority.
But i do think that affordability is jey so that everyone can enjoy your creativity and not only people who have a good wage.

Lien Dilewijns from Vancouver, BC (I know you know where this is ;))

Caitie said...

OMGGGG Coco, I'm practically pissing my pants right now. I love you.

Coco Rocha is quite a lovely name for a line, methinks.

Make Lemonade said...

I agree with SoundsLike_youra it should just be OhSoCoCo or OHSOCOCO or something like that remember a name has to be relevent to you and your line and not just sound nice, We all have faith in you! Fingers crossed and the bets of Luck!

Also I'm a writer for Sketchbook Magazine would love to do an interview/feature let me know!


Anonymous said...

i vote for oh so coco

Anonymous said...


Gabi rvs said...

i like "oh so coco"; first cuz have ur name on it, and second cuz a lot of people already know this name cuz of your blog and cuz of u.
I belive that will get u a good marketing too!

good lucky! and please, dont make expensive clothes, i wanna buy it! lol

Mr. Superficiality said...

Well depending on what kind of line you are planning to release should dictate the name. If it's going to be something mainstream and affordable then you can go with OhSoCoCo or whatever the previous posts said, because it sounds all "bubbly" and whatnot, and will have all the little teenage girls lining up to purchase your shirts and skirts. If you are going to focus on creating something more serious, then I say just go with your own first and last name. After all, it should be something unique and meaningful rather than spur of the moment "cool." Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

It's me, Ollie! said...


Coco is a great name but Chanel's first name is Coco already. So I think Rocha is more original. And it's actually part of your name so it'll be more obvious that you designed the line.

Anonymous said...
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peace_oglory said...

I agree with everybody who suggested OhSoCoco cause it's a good name, but because there was already one great Coco maybe it would be better to name it "Rocha". I always thought thatt Rocha sounds so genuine..

test said...

I'm so glad! you are by far my favorite model and seems you are talented ;) so, congrats.I'd love to get something designed by you so make it affordable! hehe.

Oh so Coco would be nice but that's like the right name for a perfume, have you thought about making your own fragrance? It would be awesome too. Go by Coco Rocha, I think you have a good nickname and surname for a label :)

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...


I don't think you should go with "coco" just because of Chanel.

I like "Rocha" a lot! Or what about plays on your name? Like "RochaSea" (Rocha C) or Or what if you did a symbol as yur name? Like the "C" backwards, with the "R" frontwards and lined up to the back of the "C"?

Have fun!



Fab Oddity said...

I agree with most of the other people,
you have to keep it simple:

Coco or OhSoCoco

oh, and maybe you should make your line available for other countries than USA or Canada...

Peru for example [:

Good luck with your fashion line.

fatwhoreface said...

How about.. Hot Coco? Ahaha no, that's too cheesy.
You should name it Peekaboo, after the one and only, Miss Peekaboo. (:

Anonymous said...

Coco-ngratulations for your decision! Im happy, and im sure it gonna be awesome. My suggestion is: make things you'll put on. I mean, create clothes you woul like to see in shops for you.

Good luck! :)

Robbie J said...

Woh! This is really great news, hope you'll do some mens wear as well! :D

Hmmm...as for a name for the line, you should try and stick with something coco-ish, it might be associated with coco chanel or whatever so turn it up a notch.
-Mika (Mikhaila)

just something simple really. =)
Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Oh So Coco =)

Heathcliffs Package said...

"Coco" -simple chic

"LaQuoquo Jackson" -ghetto

or hit the books! find your fave piece of lit and go from there!

Charles said...


Style On Track said...

how about Rocco, it uses letters from your first and last name :)

Anonymous said...

"oh so coco" obviously!

the title is so cute!

jjrodriguez said...

Omg, that's great!!

Hmm, how about something simple play on your name like:
C. Rocha

Good luck on your line! :D

jjrodriguez said...
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limy said...

I'm excited to hear about your new line!! I know what you should name it:


You talked about it in one of your videos, LOL. Other choices could be Co-Rocha, Rocha, M.C. Rocha.

Bob (Not James) said...

You should name it James after the greatest man you know.


Lauren said...

Feroce is Fierce in Italian which I'm sure your line will be so yeah :P

Haha and my other suggestion is Oh So Coco :D

nae said...

Everyone so far has missed the obvious! You're well known for your dancing talent, and I think it sets you apart from other models. It's definitely given you more of a personality than some of the other girls! So, how about a dance term? I don't know any myself, but I'm certain that you do.

Anonymous said...

may queen. :)

Anonymous said...


femme fatale.

they just seem to be words that represent you without using your name.

ugh this line will be EPIC.

Amélie Lemieux said...

I would suggest :

- Paintings by night

- Mikahilo

- Rogue & Crystal

- Central cycle

- Brainwaved

- Toute élégante

Madeline said...

Mikhaila. You should use your real name! It could totally work!


josephine said...

my vote: Soqui - it means horse in Cherokee I believe, and sort of reminds me of "oh so coco"

that's exciting!

Anonymous said...

I think you should name it Coco Rocha. Something that people can remember of. And they can relate it to who the designer is.

I'm so excited about it.. :)

Miss Be.

Anonymous said...

It's basically OhSoCoco
just you say it really fast... and all together... LOL :P

Riley Kücheran said...

Love the idea!
How about 'Victoire' ? A take on the capital of BC Victoria, with a French flair because of the French heritage of Canada (and Coco, which is also a very French name), and finally, I'd say you're pretty successful, and this line will be successful, so it's a take on the word victory.
Whatever you choose, it will be amazing!

Georgia said...

more ideas...

La Pout, since everyone knows you for that fierce signature open-mouth look in pictures. :)



Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your line. Hope you still find the time to model. As for a name how about "Social" since you're so outgoing?

The Procrastinator said...

With regards to naming the line after yourself, it's a risk -- if you look at other celebrities lines, the ones that do well have developed their own brand, and not just fed off the celebrity's brand (e.g. The Row, L.A.M.B, etc). Designers who are just designers can use their names because they are associated only with their product. Oh So Coco's a great name for the blog, but I'd stick to something less eponymous. Best of luck and look forward to your line!


im so glad you are gonna make your own line im so happy for you!

well here are some names for your line:
-one girl look

thats the only ones that i have hope you like them and if you pick one of mine can you leave me a comment that will really make me happy

Ashli R said...

what about wicked sweet.
cha cha
noticeably different

SMUT said...

Go with Coco Rocha, your name is so lovely that I think it stands well on its own.


Trey Taylor said...

What about SoCo. Like SoHo?
Short. simple. sweet.

Trey from VANCOUVER.

Anonymous said...

Rocha Rocha (or is that too Ricci Ricci?)
Coco? (Makes you think too much of Chanel?)
Rochawear (would you get sued for that because it looks so much like 'Rocawear'?)

It would be very nice if you could design clothes for women of all shapes and sizes, though that would be one tricky investment...if not, then at least those who are very leggy? :D I would be so grateful if you could/would!

I wish you the best of luck with this and look forward to seeing what you'll come up with! :)

Agustina Nini said...

I'm so excited about your new line ! I'll definitely buy all the clothes from it !
Sorry if my english isn't good, but I'm 14 and I'm from Argentina, so I'm learning how to speak properly, even when I'm the best of the class in English (:
Well, I think your line should be called CRC like Coco Rocha Couture or The Second Coco, because of Coco Chanel.
I hope my suggestions help you, keep designing, I think you are great, but PLEASE keep modeling, I think you were born for that.
Thanks for being such an inspiration for me. I have to say that you are my role model, even when in my country people like you are not important. You have to know that I'll always be your #1 fan and if I go to NY I'll definitely go to a runway show just to see you.
Keep doing your best!
Agustina from Argentina ♥

platformshoesandwintercoat said...

i agree...oh so coco, coco rocha.

just to throw something out there...mocha. m form your first name (just found that out from the comments) and ocha from the last letters for your last name. although your last name is prounounced "rosha" and not like "ocha" in mocha.

i'm sure your line will be great. love your style.

Blake said...

How about chocolate?? Its a play off your name..and who doesn't love it!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that!

On another note, why no mention of Daul Kim in your blog? You guys worked together on several shoots and I would think it would be something to acknowledge no?

Ciaran369 said...

i think it should be called RoCoco

Unknown said...

Honestly.. it should be called "Oh So Coco" even though its a better name for a perfume I can't think of a better name for your line Coco.. its perfect. :) Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Something what everyone can wear and what is affordable. i m thinking of either blouses or t-shirts or skirts, which you can use at any day time and not just to special events. that makes more fun and your label would be made known faster than on just any model show. so go for it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow this is so exciting! i love that readers get to be a part of this too.

hmmm...i think it's difficult to come up with a name if we don't really know the concept of your designs or the target audience, but i think you should consider just using your name, or something that relates back to it.

-coco rocha
-maison rocha...haha
-coccha? (first+last name mashed together maybe?)
-chains + rogues? (a name involving your initials)

i dunno. those weren't too good, but whatever you end up picking or coming up with, i'm sure it'll suit your line perfectly :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Coco,

what about Rococo? It combines your first and last names, and is also a style of 18th century French art and interior design, known for its playfulness and delicacy.

-Hanna from van :)

Anonymous said...

PS I know you love history (yay, philippa gregory) too, so it just seems like a good fit!

-Hanna again

Anonymous said...

shoot, I just saw ciaran369's comment... darn. great minds think alike!

Hanna again, sorry to be leaving so many comments!

michelle said...


Anonymous said...


jac said...


S said...

And Stellastarr* is awesome.

jac said...
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Anonymous said...

your name.

Coco Rocha.

because it sums up everything the needs to be expressed without any sense of affectation/pretense.

if you look at most of the brilliant designers in the past and today, it's just their name- i think there's a reason for that (:

Shinya Masuda said...

Love u Coco!

how about

Ms.C&R (as Coco Rocha)


Denisa L said...

"oh so coco" or maybe simply "coco rocha":)

Erika said...

OhSOCOCO is like the best name i have ever heard! i think you should have that or BeCoco

Anonymous said...

mon petit or mon p'tit (for mon petit coco)

Shino said...

if you design it yourself you then should name it by your own name, and fortunately, your name is beautiful, so you should use it. I CANT WAIR TO SEE YOUR CREATION!!! Love you Oh So Coco!


Unknown said...

May be just: xoxo or xoxoCoCo

Adrenaline said...

ohh awesome!! I saw people suggested oh so coco, I think it's a good idea. It clearly stats it your style your creations, it sounds hip and fun.
I'm 18 and want to be a designer, so I started my own page with my creations:
If ever you want to see how it is.

I really wish you good luck with this, I can't wait to see more!!

Andrea :D

ps: you're voice is so sweet. You're a great person, and incredible role model, something this world and especially fashion world lacks of. Thank you. <3

Anonymous said...

I think you should name it POE for product of experience.

Anonymous said...

Name it OHSO. sounds cool, your fans will know its you, others won't judge because it doesn't include your name, because if you put coco in the name they might refer to chanel and think OHSO COCO is like you're saying this is so chanel. so OHSO would be cool. I can see it on all the signs. good luck

Anonymous said...

i don't have a suggestion, but I can tell you what not to name it:

coco rocha

because there will be connotations of coco chanel and connotations of john rocha. as if its a line fused in with the two designer's past collections.

good luck

Anonymous said...

SOCO? from oh SO COco? or ROCO from your name?But how about CoCoRo? Twisting your name around could produce some really interesting label names xD Anyway gd luck! First time commenting here :)

Unknown said...

hey ~

I vote for "Coco Rocha"


Kristy Bauer said...

This sounds AMAZING <3

I think it should be something short and sweet but catchy..
It should also be easily be related to your name!

- RoCo <3

Samantha said...

I think "Coco Rocha" would make a great line name. It's so catchy and has a very nice ring to it. "Oh So Coco" is very chic and cute too!

The sketches look wonderful and Peekaboo looks adorable (as always). You look beautiful too <3

Hope everything goes well!

Anonymous said...

not sure will u see this or not
cos ur real name is mikhaila
ur new line should combine ur fashion side
n the real u :))
hope this may be a good suggestion lol :))

Anonymous said...

how about "CoCo & CoCo" ...
It's normal, I know :)

Dodo said...

First thing I came up with was AHCOR (reversed rocha) but that doesn't flow too well :p I do like RoCoco (but I'm just loving art a lot, if it doesn't fit with your line it might not be the best name).

And I think a finding a name on this blog might be a little obvious or already said so: Wikipedia (lol).

Your brothers name is Morandin, if you're close to him this might be a nice name (since the Olsen twins also called it after their sister, don't ask why I know this xD).

DAKOTA said...

I hope you have a green line, please don't use furs!

I love you're name Coco Rocha, is so chic (maybe for an Haute couture line), also I agree with the people who said it should be named "Coco" if it's more Pretâporter.

I love the name of your blog but I'm not sure how it will translate as a Fashion brand...

I wish you the best!!!!


{And thanx for let us be part of the REAL fashion industry :)

DAKOTA said...

I don't know if it matters but THERE IS an argentinian fashion line name Chocolate, it's really nice and it's been there for a while and Angela Lindvall made the campaign years ago, so I DON'T think that should be the name.

Jackie said...

Roco maybe :D Looking forward to seeing your clothes! :D

love jackie from sweden

Anonymous said...

i would dedicate your new line to something you are close and attached to. friends, experiences, family, etc. i should though be clear that this is YOUR line. something people can refer to and will say: "oh, yes, this is so coco." something like 'coco loco', or 'go for coco'.... i think however you ll label ur line its your link to. so label it as you feel comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

how about 'rocha' or 'ohso'

Shuting Liu said...

"Hot Coco"

Vanessa D K said...

Coco by Coco Rocha.

Anonymous said...

Coco Rocha!

Anonymous said...

Styloco! You put coco and style togeheter. haha i know it's a litte bad name but i have not so god imagination. but i think oh so coco would be a great name to! Good look with it i am so looking forward to see it!!!

elin said...

Bit of a no brainer isnt it?......"Oh So COCO" surely.

Unfortunately John Rocha's already kinda got the "Rocha" thing downpat!

Jenny said...

cococoquette (coquette by coco)

Unknown said...

Prêt Rochelle

srta a said...

congrats!! Your new proyect seems amazing!

I think something simple like OhSo! or SoCoco! it's ok. Almost OhSoCoco is perfect too.

We couldn't help u more, 'cos another name which means something for u, only u can know.


Anne said...

OH MY GOD! I've been thinking about it since last night, can't come up with anything so far, I'll post soon! I think a line would be great, especially with your know-how and style!!!!

Clémentine said...

hi coco
im glad to see that you're asking help from us!!!
im french so i though about a french name "signé coco" it's short and classy
oh so coco and coco rocha are great too but more conventional !
hope you'll find the right one among our answers!!!
i look forward to seeing your line

signé Clémentine ;)

Amanda said...

"Oh So Coco" or "Rocha".

Anonymous said...

Hello Coco!
you're very amazing! beautiful, clever... I'm starting to be jealous (I'm just kidding)
can you make a line for teenagers?
I thought a line about your contry: Canada, uhm... , a line with some of your photos on clothes.
You're so fantastic, I can't believe in my eyes, before, you were a nice model and now you're a great top model!!!
I'd like to have a carrer like yours.
see you.



Anne said...

I was thinking alike with joan, what about just "Rocha" or "Coco Rocha"? your name is unique, cute and beautiful! Countless designers name their line after their name, and yours stands out above the rest. I'd rather have the last name Rocha than Vuitton any day! If you go against that idea, what about a french word that goes along the lines of feminine? like "femme fatale"? Or "femme fatale (Coco/Rocha)"? I wouldn't name it Oh so Coco, that cheapens it and doesn't sound endearing for a fashion line!
Wishing you all the success,
Ann (wickablogging.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

How about... 'Run that Way' by Coco Rocha? I just made a guess at something. Haha.


Mahadi said...

Here are some of my suggestions :) ideas from Africa & Canada

Mahadi<- I joke ;) that's my name lol

Anonymous said...

ur blog its sending me a lot of spams, could u see what its causing this? cuz u can loose a lot readers cuz of that thank u!

C.C. said...


Anonymous said...

coco is such a great name, i think it should involve that. i cant think how though. like other people have said ohsococo would work for a fashion line aswell if you want something playful. thats all i can think of.

Anonymous said...

CoCorico must be the name.

Anonymous said...

ROCHA - ur name itself sounds good (: very excited!!!

Anonymous said...

hey ! why don't you use your pseudonym COCO ROCHA ? or your real name, Mikhaila Rocha ? it sounds already like a famous name of a fashion designer :D I wish you all the success you deserve :) Kawtar.

Fatima AL Kassab said...

''CoRoc.'' I think that is simple and fabulous :) Like you xxxx

I love you, and please comemorate me if you use my name!!!


Xisca said...

is true that the girl from :http://0hsococo.blogspot.com/
is your sister?

Please tell us the true!

Anonymous said...

Do it alongside behati and go with cohati!

Unknown said...

or perhaps "chère rochelle"
(rochelle being the feminine diminutive of rocha)

Ashley said...

Rocha in Portuguese translates to boulder/rock.

I would recommend something simple like:

'Metamorphic', 'Mica', 'Sapro', 'Shale'...

Maybe add co. to the end of whatever you choose... ie: 'Metamorphic co.'

Tania Setyady said...

Coco by Coco Rocha. Simple and to the point!

thaliaa said...

a la rocha


Anonymous said...

I agree with Hanna's suggestion, Rococo is brilliant and catchy and has many layers of meaning relevant to you! Your first and last name plus the clever connection to historical French art, design and style! Elegant yet offbeat-it's so you!

leon said...

omg... i will wear anything you produce and come up with!!!! Love you Love you Love you.

um what about, James?? as in your bf, or Bridge as in you being a model crossing into designing, or post model still doing the model thing but still segueing into other things, fahrenheit coco?? some options :)

a said...

i vote for COCOnut!

Miranda said...

You would not know how fervently happy I am. Congratulations!

I would definitely say that your name, Coco Rocha, is very beautiful and fluid (easy to pronounce, smooth), or simply Rocha. Or--MADAME ROCHA. If you don't want to include your name in in your clothing line, it'd be hard for me to give a name since I know so little about your design style, but here's what initially came to mind when I first learned of your clothing line: Whizbang.


F-Values Social Media Agency said...

Hi Coco, here you go:

Suggestion #1


spoken as Kisses! Coco!

Suggestion #2

So Coco!

Have a look at http://www.f-values.com and let us know, whether we can support you on any social media issues when launching your line!

C A said...



Samm said...

I like oh so coco too like many others, but i think also just "Rocha" is nice, in like a nice script font or something - if you need a website for it, i'd be happy to help out :)

to Montreal, with love said...

I think it will depend on your line and what image you are trying to convey (strength? femininity? sophistication?).

At first impulse, I would suggest something like SoCo - it evokes News York (Soho), while being relevant to you (short for So Coco), it's also stylistically clean. So if you're line is very neutral, basic with clean lines, go for it.

Isn't your real name Mikhaila - why not name it that? it's simple, it's elegant. It's a beautiful name, and it suggests that your line is from a more mature, authentic Coco who is expressing her true, artistic self through design. It'll help separate you a bit from Coco the model who high-fives freja on the runway and has videos of her farting on youtube. :o)

Or maybe name it after someone you know, or the public knows, who embodies all the characteristics you want to express in your fashion line?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait about the line! I vote for Oh So Coco too! From Vancouver, BC! :)

weisandy said...


- Vancouver, BC

Unknown said...

I love your smile,Coco.

Maybe it can name"Smiling Coco".

"Smiling Coco",oh,so energetic!!

Or "Sweet Coco"!

DAKOTA said...

I got it!

I've found the perfect name: It's ROCOCO, is a french period!


Unfortunately is the opposite of minimalism, it's not simple...

I was trying to get asleep, I got up to write this!!!

Well, good night =(

mucha said...

how about"Coco, Je T'Aime" ?


the stylist formely known as tricia campbell said...

once upon a time i was planning on having my own clothing line and i also struggled with a name.

the things i considered were:
-how will it sound when other people say the name, be it on the red carpet or when being snapped by a street style photographer (i didn't like the sound of my own name so instead i used my middle name and the island i was born as a first and last name, so it was still personal)

-how easily can it be googled without driving people crazy (i've had to search for information on labels like "white" or some mess like that)

-how will it look on a label? caps vs. lower case? what font will be used?

all these points i'm sure you already know. that being said my favourite name that i've seen thus far by other readers is "MIKA"; or what about MIKHA?

something more personal would be dope, but no type of shorting your full name where i would land on jay-z's page by mistake. or on chanel's page. or on rochas' page.

Anonymous said...

I think it should be called rococo. Rococo was an art style that focused on fluid curves, etc. that gained popularity during the 1700's in France. The word just sounds awesome.

Salma said...

can't wait to see your line

Sarah said...

Coco by Coco Rocha. Or um.. CR by Coco Rocha.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm thinking OH SO COCO, that would help complete your look...you know; your blog, your line etc. I've only recently started reading your blog, I find it so interesting and I've told others they should read it too. Looking forward to seeing your line, I'm hoping I can afford it, I really like your style!
Good luck!

HEY! said...

My suggestion is simpel, Coco Rocha, it's a beautiful name so take good care of that!

Anonymous said...

the new line : Coco Rocha never siez zero!

Caro said...


Anonymous said...


keep it simple..Coco by Rocha?
Coco Rocha? - its a killer good name. youll figure it out :)

Anonymous said...

Why not stick to soemthing that describe yourself, simple and fab.

Coco - Simple, personality - fab

isabelle said...

Keep it simple! Oh so Coco! Nothing wrong with that! Coco Loco?! coco by rocha. I think Oh so Coco is prefect! Oh so coco by Coco Rocha! Cause when it comes down to it it's about you right?

Alana said...

Coco by Coco Rocha.

Cat said...

Hmm , I think CoCha is a fun name.

Anonymous said...

Rocha, oh so rocha, coco&co. ,cocopops!
good luck but maybe the cereal related one not so good!
i plan to one day have my own fashion line and i don't know what to call mine either soo i know how desperate the situation feels!

maria :)

Miss Red Socks said...

Congratz! I think Oh So Coco by Coco Rocha has a good ring to it :)

Robert said...

Maison de Rocha

Anything with Coco just doesn't feel right

Nicole said...

You have such a beautiful name. It should also be the name of your line, I think. It's you, it's straight to the point and it's attractive as well! You go girl! :)

Unknown said...

scream out loud
take me home

good luck!

Anna Orlova said...

for example:
"mademoiselle Rocha"
"Oh So" by Coco Rocha

8421 said...


What do u think about it?

cody said...

fortun coco!!


Annika Lindberg said...

I think "Oh So Rocha" :D Love your blog! Congrats on your own clothing line - superfun!

Sofie said...

Cocolate, maybee?

Unknown said...

Rock-a-Coco of course ! it's so obvious !

Linda said...

style by coco or "stylebycoco"

Senad said...

Why not with your born name... Mikhaila Rocha or MR Couture or Rogue?? ^^ I draw Illustrations maybe i can design your labelname^^

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rock coco !
As you are a rock and roll.

Anonymous said...

Not So Coco

Jennifer D said...

Perhaps Rococo, Cocodile, Cocha, Roco, Cocure, Rochature...

Marine Borges said...

Several choices:

-Anonymous (by Coc0)
-Chocolate chips
(it's the name of my cat ^^)
I'm french and I've seen some of your photos, I like them!
Hope that you'll enjoy it! =D

Anonymous said...

- Just Coco
- Rocha Rocha
- Coco Rocha

good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone who has suggested 'Oh So Coco', it works. :D

Pauline said...

I think Rochaco would be a badass name!

Angeles Almuna said...

ROCOCO!!!!! or just So Coco or Rhoco or mmmmmmmmm well you need to choose!!!!
Kisses darling!

Anonymous said...

Many have said it already, OhSoCoco would be great .
Or maybe something with numbers like your bday or other important date ( kind of like twenty8twelve ). or something en francais, ce qui donne un effet chic aupres des anglophones. I hope your brand is affordable

georgefp78 said...

Dear, though i found u great as a model, i honestly think that u should be very serious with the line thing, cause there are million of labels out there. Wearable, sweet and bla, bla bla is all around u. Either deliver fashion world something strong and worth talking about (through ur own prisma of course)or stick to what u know best. Names are of less importance. The outcome of ur labour is what counts.

Samantha said...

I don't agree with other comments that it should be "Oh So Coco". I guess it depends on the type of clothes you'll be designing but it sounds a little more frivolous to me.

miki_ said...

I simply think that "Oh So Coco" would be really the best option ;)

and I can't wait, really. good luck with it *

Anonymous said...

oh so coco its great, you shoul keep it!

Anonymous said...

How about
"CoCoRoc Threads"
"Rocha Disguise"

RY said...

How about ROCHA! (with the exclaimation mark, with capital fonts)

Love the video and your dog!!

JoeyL said...

How about namesake label
"Coco Rocha"


-C. Rocha
-Closet du Coco
-Coco's Closet
-Don't Steal my Wardrobe by Coco
-Ferocity by Coco
-Hot Coco

That's all I got, sorry if they are lame.

Siru said...

Did you have a nickname as a kid? Or name of some toy, pet, lover, friend, sibling etc.

juliet xxx

Elin said...

Rawcoco (say it like roh-co-co) :D

Kisses from sweden..

michelle_ said...

woah its amazing that you're letting us blog readers to suggest you the names of your fashion brand !

Personally . i think your blog title would make a good brand for ur clothing line . but if you want something different then i think 'Coco Before Rocha' could be good maybe ? i got the inspiration from 'coco before chanel' movie .. i think the name could represent the fact that you've grown up through the modelling industry and now you're designing ur own clothing line .

hope you'll get inspired from all these comments ;D

and maybe visit my blog and drop a comment too if you're not too busy :D

Maria José said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited...!!! I can't believe that I am in your blog... You are one of the best top models in the woeld!!!!!aaa It is so exciting...
The best name for your clothes brand is your own name: COCO ROCHA!
I will buy all clothes that you make! :D

pd: I am a Spanish young girl, so my english is not perfect!


Anonymous said...

How about Rock Coco?

Renata said...

I said that....about Rock Coco....sorry, i made a mistake....i am not anonymous.

Anonymous said...

how about



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

oooh can't wait for it to come out!!
i think anything really would go, you have such and original name!

coco rocha
cocorico (basically it means "cock-a-doodle-doo!" in french, but I think it sounds nice haha)
oh so coco would be cool too...

no matter what you choose as the name can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Oh so Coco. definetly!

Stefan said...

I'm liking the Rococo allusion of many people... but instead of naming your brand after a movement in art, call it "soCOCO" or "soCoco".

I don't think you want to go with "SoCo" (don't want to get confused with Southern Comfort).

A ballsy move would be to go with "Coco" - it may be closely tied to Chanel but it is also short and sweet (and mans coconut in French :P). Simply Coco. People know your name, the brand has already been created.

Great fashion houses simply use their last names: Armani, Ferragamo, Chanel, Gucci. You could use your last name: Rocha.

Ultimately, though, I think the name has to come out of the core spirit of your design philosophy (if you want to dream up another name).

Some other names for consideration:
[the way you write your name on your website reminds me of musical notation],
Rocka' (more of an urban-inspired name that comes from pronouncing your name in Italian)
da Rocha
(type of rock that underlies much of the earth, inspired by Rocha which means rock in Portuguese)
or Co Ro
(a twist on the name that everyone already knows so well)
Coco Roco

Alright, I'm going to stop now, I'm just playing with your name...

Peace and all best

C.dada said...

My suggestions :

-heavy black
-moving from within
-pick a church
-pick a nut
-soft wardrobe
-Coco wardrobe
-soft Coco
-Coco feature
-Coco introduce
-Too Coco

noussaa from tunisia said...

What about mezyéna it means pretty / beautiful in arabic <3

Or "chams" it means "sun" in arabic too
the "s" is not a silent letter !!
or "éna mezyéna" it means "i'm beautiful" in arabic
or "meléyka" it means angels in arabic too ;)
you can say meléyka fashion or fashion méléyka
i Hoppe i helped youu byyy =D

amyw said...

I'm so excited for this, as I'm sure you are! I can't wait to see your line. I wish you only the best. As for the name, I'm thinking:
CR by Coco Rocha

Josefin said...

Maybe rococo ? :)

Kokurox said...

Mademoiselle Rocha
Lady Rocha

Freya said...

something simple like ROCHA

if you want a little more fantasy you can call it "imagine" like john lennon's song

Freya said...

or like your blog "oh-so coco"

Anonymous said...

- CoCha (Coco + Rocha)
- Rocha Rocha
- Mucho Rocha
- CoCo Cool
- Cocoroch
- OH So CoCo!
- KillerCoco
- Cocrocha
- Bella Coco
- Cocouture
- CooCo
- Créme Coco
- la Rocha
- CoCo & Co.
- MNCR (My name is Coco Rocha)
- Soo Cooco!
- Me by Rocha
- FbyRocha (fashion by Rocha)
- Cocorian
- RochaReport
- CC Coco
- Cookies&Cocouture
- CookiesbyCoco
- Style de la Rocha
- RochaRocks
- Coco Loco
- Rococha

Well, I have sooo many other suggestions but there's some of them:)

Love K.

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