Tour of Vancouver

You may remember that a few weeks ago I went to speak at the Faces West model convention in Vancouver. Well, while I was there I also met up with ET and got to take them on a little tour of my old home town! It's been a few years since I was a full time resident there but I'm still quite proud to show people around. Have a look!!

In other news: Who has twitter?? I've had it a while but I'm finally getting the hang of using it. I'm going to attempt to update it every day so, if you're not already sick of hearing from moi, feel free to follow me on there at twitter.com/oh_so_coco - Oh and don't forget the spaces!!!



Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun, you're such a sweet spirit, Coco.


Sophie said...

That's where I grew up :)

Lucy in the Sky said...

amazing, I haven't been to Canada since I was a toddler. I once told myself that I had to move there someday LOL we'll see if that happens anytime soon... it's so cool that you get to be featured on TV! I wish more models were on TV!

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I am following you now on twitter, follow me back? http://twitter.com/MaisonChaplin

PS: Vancouver is a wonderful city, I got friends out there and i can't wait to visit that city

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Anonymous said...

I love your posts, you seem to be such a happy fresh girl :D I love that you don't act like a vain person, or summat, ur the best, see ya!

Ava said...

OT, but are you going to discuss Daul's death? I know you guys were friends and I'm curious as to how you feel about her passing.

R.I.P. Daul

Anonymous said...

Wow i love how these people won't give it a rest with the Daul thing.

Are you really "curious" as to how Coco feels about her friends passing? Take a guess. How would you feel? Why should she have to explain her feelings on this personal matter to anyone?

Please, allow her and everyone else who knew Daul to grieve in there own private way.

Show some respect.

Ami Schaheera said...

how can we get sick of you sweet darling? i'm following you :)

NLR said...

Never sick of hearing from you Coco!!! Already following you on Twitter.. ;-)

cee cee said...

I have a twitter account, and I already follow you :)
I loved the video, I'd love to go to Vancouver once!!!
Love from Chile,

rocco said...

I want to go to Vancouver...lots of movies are recorded there like twilight and I think Canada is a great place to be.
Have a super day Coco

Elena said...

You're amazing!

COCAMIA said...

Your a breath of fresh air in this industry!!! xo

Juliana Pineda said...

Hello Coco! Great video!! I'm happy you were happy, there in your old home town! Canada looks soo cute!

About your Twitter, actually I'm following you! twitter.com/julianalunares
(lol! it sounds soo stalker, but you know! that's Twitter way lol:)

(I made a reply about you and your tea party!! i wish i was there!!)

have a great week! (:

Coco-Rocha-Fan said...

hahhaha i took out some pictures from the video so i can put them on my blog(only photos not the video) hope you dont mind and if you wanted to know i already follow you in twitter and you are my friend in facebook one's i told you hi but you didnt tell hi back.it doesnt matter but you can always say me HI!!

have a good day Coco!

Anonymous said...

Coco! Always lovely to read your posts and watch your videos. But please, don't hate on Zara! There's nothing wrong with pairing high & low - and really, one could do much worse than Zara.
Keep making us Canadians proud :)

Ash said...

I was there this weekend! I stayed at the Four Seasons which is GORGEOUS! I live just across the water in Vic so it wasn't really a long trip over or anything!


Zippy Kid said...

how many profiles you have at myspace.com?
I love you......

snoblak said...

COCO i lived in Vancouver for 4 years!!! used to go to UBC. i love VanCity and miss it so much ! ;-) i live in London now.

Anonymous said...

COCO! I loved ur pictures on the december issue of Vogue Mexico. I really admire u

Gerri Ward said...

WOW! I luv Vancouver it's solely BEAUTIFUL!:))

Constantine said...

That shirt you are wearing is awesome!!!

Kitty. said...

Hi Coco, Vancouver looks wonderful! You're so funny and nice person. : )
Hugs from Poland xo

Fernanda dauphine said...





Lander Villar Plaza said...

I so want to see Canada!!!

I've got twitter and I also always say that I'm going to update it everyday

...but it's imposible



The F Word Online said...

ouu i haven't been back to vancouver in years! Slash this is my first time here but I love what you've done with your blog, I'm a fan! I'll definitely be stopping by more often : )


Sascha said...

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Hope to hear from you!

t.a.t.n. said...

hey coco, just thought i'd let you know that i think you're such an entertaining person to listen to and it's great to know you're still keeping your home town in mind.
vancouver represent ! :D

Anonymous said...

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here a link click it and read it and tell waht you think.....haha

Angel said...

OMG Robson!! lol Good old Vancouver! I can't wait to go back for Christmas this year. I heard from my friends its snowing right now. When was this video filmed? It looks really warm, unlike Toronto. Vancouver pride!!~

Juliet said...

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Juliet xxx

thehautepursuit said...

You're a hometown gem Coco! I know someone that shot you in a bridal campaign right before you left for Europe and got big! The guy was like: 'hey does that face look familiar?'. I was like: 'well she kinda looks like coco rocha'....his response: 'that IS coco!!!!!!!!!!!' Ahhhh. Fun times.
Loves you.

XSilkX said...

hi coco

first you are my favorite top and you have a great atitude and personnality,

lately there is something i was wondering, i'm gonna ask you a question that has no connection with this lovely video,

i know you love animals, and i wonder what is your position about fur trade? i guess you won't have time to answer but we never know!

regards kisses & hugs!

stacey kelly said...

coco you are GORGEOUS. i mean a lot of models are "pretty" but you are GORGEOUS. :)