Name Update

It hasn't even been a week since I posted the video and yet I've been thrilled to see so much response!!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to give me your thoughts. I read all your comments, your advice, your suggestions and i want you to know that I'm processing it all. Please feel free to keep the suggestions coming, nothing is decided as yet.

Here is a partial list of the name suggestions I've received so far:

Voublis - Oleander - Baysix - So COOC - Turqe - Chinook - Coco Couture - Coco - False Creek - Stepdancer - Oh so Coco - So Coco - Rocha - Rocha Sketches - Rocha Sea - Hot COco - Miss Peekaboo - Cocosphere - Mika - LaQuoquo Jackson - Swing - Rocco - C.Rocha - RochaCoco - Rochoco - Cocha- Rosha - Madame Rocha - M.C - Reroce - May Queen - Femme Fetal - Paintings by Night - Mikahilo - Rogue & Crystal - Central Cycle - Brainwaved - Toute Elégante - Mikhaila - Soqui - Miss Be - Victorie - La Pout - La-La-Lady - Social - Fashiondialogy - Chocolat - Cottoncandy - Streeter - One Girl Look -Wicked Sweet - GiGi -Cha Cha - Roca - Noticeably Different - SoCo - Rocha ROcha - CRC - The Second Coco - Rosha - Osha - Chocolate - Rochacco - Maison Rocha - Coccha - Chains & Rogues - Cocoism - MCR - Ms.C&R - BeCoco - Mon Petit - XOXO - Xococo - POE - CoCoRO - RoCO - Cocoila - Coco & Coco - Ahcor - Ohso - Styloco - Cococoquette - Run that Way - Sahara - Kalahari - Sphinx - Tkaronto - Inspired - CoCorico - CoRoc - Cohati - Chère Rochelle - Metamorphi - Mica - Sapro - Shale - A la rocha - Divinely CoRo - James - Bridge - COCOnut! - Smiling Coco - Sweet Coco - Coco Je T'Aime -Mika - Rochacha - Coco by Rocha - Coco Pops - Maison de Rocha - Greenwater - Scream Out Loud - Take Me Home - Manukhina - Cocolate - Rock-a-Coco - Stylebycoco - Not So Coco - Psychobabble - Cocodile - Rochature - Slumlung - Rochaco - Rhoco - CoCoRoc Threads - Rocha Disguise - Closet du Coco - Coco's Closet - Ferocity by Coco - CocoMio - Rawcoco - NARCISSIST- NYCoco - Rocka - da Rocha - Gabbro - Heavy Black - Moving From Within - Mezyana - Chams - Ena Mezyéna - Bella Coco - Soo Cooco! - Me by Rocha - Cookies&Cocouture - Style de la Rocha - IWA - Sunbreaker - PONOKA - Rochon - Bawif - Eholt - Oleander - Norquay - Exchaw - The Legacy of Rocha - The Eyes That Danced - Surrender the Dream - Love Rocha - Lady Rocha - Genevieve - Noix de Coco - Coco t'as le look - Goco - Delicatecoco - Viva La Rocha - Rocha la vie - Rocha Bandit - Rocher Poudré - Carrousel - Pendentif - Pierre Précieuse - Palpitation by Coco Rocha - Cocolicious by Coco Rocha - Patchwork - Monochrome - Sketch - Surreal - Victoire - Vamp by Coco - Verve - CoCoon - Rocha Amour - Flutterby Waterfly - Cocomania - BAILA by Coco Rocha - xoxococo - THE INSIDER - New Day - CO² - Aurora - Warped Minds - Poppy - Love Struck Cord - My Debutante - Damsel in Mayhem - Femme Flâneure - Coco Chic - RawCoco - Rocheuse - COCOR - Cocobahia - FoRocha - CocRoACH - CcoRochaCo - Ophelia - Jeune - Coco Cadeau - ro2co - Zlato - Sirocco - Modèle - Coeur de Coco - Les modes du Coco - Mojo Coco Co - Petites Fleurs - Fleur Noir - Bella Moda - Dolce Coco - Exquis Coco - Coco Noir - Ceili - Feiseanna - Sunday Best - Cocobelle - Ohbelline - Voila - Cotachelle - Vancoco - Ahcorocha - Chaco



Anonymous said...

The a la rocha idea is really cute.

Anna said...

i suppose it would depend on the style of your clothing, but Rococo? As in the 18th c. French art and design style..

Anu said...


or i like CO² or just coco rocha. your name is beautiful.

Bitter Pineapple said...

definitely oh so coco, coco rocha, or rocha. the play on rococo with rawcoco is cute, but not for clothes? maybe your future book!




Anonymous said...

I like Ohso. sounds like soho so people will think hip, cool, different.

Lucy in the Sky said...

oh please not Cocolicious LOL. pretty good suggestions, though! CO^2 is quite creative!!!!! But it would be better as CO2, like the actual molecule hehe, not like Dsquared2.

I just took a glimpse at the video in your most recent post but I haven't watched it yet! will do once I'm done with my homework!

platformshoesandwintercoat said...
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Ashley said...

Not sure if anyone's talked about this, but as lovely as your name is...you might not want to use it for the name of your line. Or you might wind up like Prince at some point where you need to use a symbol. Perhaps that's why you're asking for suggestions on the name...

platformshoesandwintercoat said...

crazy one but..coo coo for coco..ha ha..might get sued by general mills though

JsN said...

ROcocoCHA; I've already post it in the previous post.

katthroatworld said...

i still like "rochaco" or just your name. :)

Kristy said...

i like x.o. coco :]
i think anything with rocha in it sounds too much like rochaS, haha

Lboogie said...

How bout Risque Rocha..lol.

Random Fashion Coolness said...

I read a beautiful interview in which you mentioned the origins of your name. You said that your Mum used to call you, "Mon Petit Coco" I think that would be so gorgeous as if it is true, it has a personal meaning. Either "Mon Petit Coco" or the feminine, "Ma Petite Coco."

R x

Anonymous said...

Mikhaila Rocha.

that's it.

Grown up and young.

Serious and Fun.


Anthi said...























or whatever you like !you're taste is great and i'm sure whatever you're going to do will be great!!
you're so lucky and the most beautiful girl i've ever seen!!
i hope to see you one day.......


Queenie said...

Williams Road

**but that's only because I'm from Richmond myself ;) good luck with your branding and line.

Anna said...

I'm still really liking Rococo

macky said...

call it **ROCOCO, like the fashion-period/ era Rococo. Fashion History is where its at.

Rambo said...

Don't mean to sound sycophantic, but Coco Rocha's physical beauty is remarkably striking. That said, my greatest source of admiration for her has always been that she was one of the few that spoke out against the presence of eating disorders in the modeling industry. I propose "Gadfly" like when Plato was describing Socrates' efforts to undermine the status quo and the idea that "might makes right."

Audery H. said...

Hi Coco! what do you think about Mademoiselle C ???
I just wanted to tell your that I've just found out your blog and I'm so glad that you'd have one! Your life is so interresting and you are so wonderfully beautiful!
And I really amire you, and all of what you are.
Mademoiselle is how I wanted to call my future boutique after studying fashion but my dreams fell down since my parents told they wanted me to do something more serious... Well no matter, today I suggest You this name and you can add a C if you want it to be more like you.

*Laura Pereira said...

why not "vidèo"??

Lander Villar Plaza said...

I think you should name it cockroach, with the logo being a cockroah. Still not so sure with the name but I think that if you use it wisely it can be very beautiful.


gobsmacked said...

Hey, Coco. How about GO LOCO FOR COCO or LOCO FOR COCO. :)

Stay pretty, Coco. ♥

gobsmacked said...

I have another one. This oughta be funny. LACOCOROCHA LACOCOROCHA. Haha. =))

Annamarie said...

yeah! I like Mikhaila too as well as Coco Rocha- speaks for itself!

Anonymous said...

Think of it in terms of a "brand"....Oh So Coco is popular so if you are going to change the name....have some element "Coco" in the name change or some other name that reflects what you and your blog is about.

Easier said than done...i am looking to rename my blog also but names......idk.

Anonymous said...

Also, we have known you to be a very lively and spirited person.....so incorporate some element of that in your line and also in the name.

Finally....As a possible retailer...have reasonable prices.

Dora Szabolcsi said...

Hi Coco!
I think, the best would be Oh So Coco, it sounds to me pretty nice and cute!
I hope you're well! Have a good time!
Hugs from Hungary,

Brigitte said...

RoCoCo and CO2 are great, but I still would like to recommend my ideas:
"Trés Trés Coco"

- B

Carlos Arzate said...

Hi coco...
eemm... i prefer your name... just "Coco Rocha"
but if you want a different name...
i choose Mikhaila or Mika but it sounds like the singer Mika hahaha...
eem i like too Rocha.

from Mexico
Carlos Arzate

Amelia said...

Coco Rocha or Viva la Rocha is great.

hope505 said...


How about that?!
* ; D

Vera said...

My boyfriend suggessed "Go Go Rocha" :D!

Anonymous said...

Vamp by Coco sounds cool but it sounds as if your line will be gothic...poppu and van coco and ahcorocha and others similar sound no offensekind of little kiddish from my point of view. Noix de Coco, rocha by coco rocha, exquis Coco and such all sound proffesional and sophisticated and can match any style of clothe you design.

metok said...

Love that you're turning to the fans for ideas. :)
Why not take inspiration from Canada? I know how much you love spending time in the Rockies (Banff..etc) and while I was traveling around, I've noticed some really unique/interesting names of places:


Hope this helped :)

lala123 said...

Marda Loop
Kaelgri :)

Anonymous said...

sorry but a lot of these names people are suggesting sound a bit... uh, cheap. just being honest and trying to help.
XOXO? there's already a brand with that name.
Bella Moda? sounds like brand thats trying to sound really italian & expensive (when in reality it is neither)
Coco Couture? please no...by putting "couture" in the name, it kinda automatically makes it the very opposite of couture.. if you know what I mean.
If i were you Id go for something not in English, that has a special meaningou want and has an air of mystery to it. An organic, natural sounding name (PONOKA,Rochon, Bawif, Chinook, Mezyana or Manukhina) sounds good.
I also like the suggestion of "Coco Cadeau".. but maybe just 'Cadeau' as its simple, cute and French :)

Funky Punky said...

I really don't like any of the suggestions that don't include your name.
Oh so Coco, Coco Rocha, Coco, or a la Rocha are the best ones. Simple, to the point and elegant. No cotton-candy, tacky implications.

LadyGrett said...

I like:

-Magnif.Co (great in spanish)
-Cocorocó (like the rooster's cluck )
-Rochachá (like the chachachá)

Good Luck!
xoxo from Spain.

Joana said...

Osho is nice but is just like "oysho"...

What about "Coco meets Rocha"? xD

Misha said...

I kinda like Coco Noir and Rochature best.

Joyce said...

Rocha is the best

lolatroll said...


Anonymous said...

Cadere - It means to fall in Latin. Although it means to 'fall', I once read in The Beautiful Fall, that cadere means cadent in English, meaning decadent. A decadent, beautiful fall.

C said...

I actually like the "not so coco" one but then again, it depends on the kind of clothing you are designing.

Madison Whitney said...

What about something like


It's basically a mixture of Coco, obviously, and then the italian word amica, which means female friend.

What I'm interested in knowing is the kind of line you're looking to design, and if you want your name implemented into the label name? For example, if you want to design a line of evening dresses you may want a more refined name than what you'd use for a denim/street wear line.

Implementing your name will be helpful for instant consumer recognition, at least for those that are fan and follow the industry. But at the same time you may want to switch it up by using words that represent a feeling/image you want your buyers to think of when looking at your designs.

Wow that was a rant, hah, sorry. It's the marketing major inside me.

But seriously, it would be interesting to get a few more details in order to help target the name a bit more.

nicala jane said...
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nicala jane said...

Rocha la vie
Rocha Amour
Noix de Coco

i think those are the best and i love your blog and can't wait for your line <3


Christine said...

i vote RoCoCo!

Marielba said...


I like: ¡ COCOYA !

Thank´s Coco for this oportunity.

From México, City


Anonymous said...

How about weeeooow !!!

one guess who this is from xxx

Anthi said...

***the privet line***

Hannah said...

I like OHSO, OHSO by Coco or CO2.

Minna said...


is a superb name for your brand, both for saying and writing/designing. Especially since its referring to your blogging, where a lot of your personal brand is at!

best wishes


Elisabeth said...

I really like CO² because some of the others sound tacky or juvenile, and some of the ideas in foreign languages sound cool, but it might be weird because you aren't European, South American, etc.

Anonymous said...

raw rocha

Jean said...

i loooveee CO2!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mademoiselle Coco Rocha

studionero said...

Congratulations on starting a new clothing line. I have 25 years experience as a designer/tailor/dressmaker. As a photographer I also test shoot models in NY. I would love to apply to be a part of your fashion team.
Nathan Best

Belinda said...

Oh, I like the name CO2! It's air = the feeling of being free -AND- I don't know how you do math in any other country than sweden, but CO2 can also be CO times two = coco (therefore I like this name the most)

I also like the one with the name of your blog.. oh so coco. So simple yet funny.

take care!

busker boy said...

I's say Cut a Rug or Foot it, both synonyms for dancing cause you're an awesome dancer.

Marina said...

I think it should be Bordeaux or Aquitane. I would like something French for you. And, I think that if you even wanted to add your name into it Coco Bordeaux would be nice or a french word with the eaux ending will rhyme. There is my 2 cents! :)

Lani said...

I say use your name because it just sounds legendary: COCO ROCHA. It rolls off the tongue like caramel or pillow or marsmallow!

natalia. said...

Coco du Papillon- which in french it means "Coco the Butterfly" as in a way of your hatching from modeling and taking on a bigger challenge, designing.

Serene said...

I think the last part of the post is the best!! XOXO COCO!!! That should be yr brand name, as you mean it.

Anonymous said...

I like gadfly, as suggested, and reject anything with licious in because it reminds me of an mtv show, like "girlilicious" I also rejety anything with the words love, lady, vamp or faux-french in. CO2 is interesting, but probably copyrighted. Still like it though.

Femme flaneure is impuossible because the flaneurs were a movement that specified masculinity, (and i quote "The flâneur was top-hatted and carried a long cane; he was a dashing young gentleman whose literary prowess allowed him to describe and analyze social customs, art, commerce,and politics in the modernizing city." Baudelaire, in any case, was very specific...) and anyway, it would be a flaneuse, not a flaneure. There was only one or two flaneuses and they only got in with them because they were married to one of the surrealists (apart from the odd one). I mean, making a point with the word flaneuse would be interesting, if you were noting the uniqueness...... but then femme wouldn't be neccesary....

Juliana Pineda said...

Hi, Coco! i'm so glad you're havin a tea party! I wish i live in NYC!!
hope your sooo happy!

About the names, I think there are soo many good ideas! but I'm still thinkin about



Coco's way

du'no! it will be great, because it's gonna make by you! :D

xoxo! (:

clandestine said...

Pêche Melba.

S. said...


by CoCo Rocha

suggestion from S.

Jonathan said...

ViVa La CoCo

Mahadi said...

yay my suggestions are there :) <3 Sahara and Kalahari

Anonymous said...

actually someone here just touched on a very nice name for a fashion line - papillion. It could represent coco's development in fashion, but also suggests a transformative effect for the people who wear the clothes. Plus butterflies are associated with vibrancy and free spiritedness, which I assume the line will convey since it sums up coco's personality. It's also very simple and elegant.

Isabella Lorraine said...
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Isabella Lorraine said...

I like sohcoco, Love Rocha, GoCoco or Coco Rocha.

i'm from Brazil
we love you!

good luck =)

MDMA said...

Hi Miss Rocha:
I love your name, it's beautiful and has something that calls everyone's attention (your name is my first suggestion)So Coco Rocha should be.
Also, I like Rocococha (like the Roccoco style design) and finally,
Rocha by Coco.

Good luck with everything,
Greetings from Chile.

James H said...

why not name it Steveston?

Rambo said...

lol, how about "Agyness Deyn Fanclub"

Anonymous said...

hey coco, i forgot to post my suggestions, i've got 2, hope u like them:

I think OHSOCOCO or nOTSOCOCO are very nice :D

Coco-Rocha-Fan said...

theres the names i gave you:
cotton candy

hope you pick one of mines

Anonymous said...

i like
So Coco
just Coco
Coco Rocha

lemon said...

I like Coco Couture, has a very nice sound to it

Anonymous said...

how about my coco
cocos paradis

Anonymous said...

What about "Eldorado di Rocha " Eldorado means paradise in spanish..

Love you coco! You're the best xXx

Laura said...

Hello I'm french and It's a good idea the french name ^^
I love "Coco by Rocha" or " Coco & Coco" ...or just "Coco Rocha" It's beautiful!
"Cocodile" and "coco pops" it's funny ^^
In french, "Coeur de coco" is very cute ^^

Luis Moragas Batista said...

Chez coco thankyou

Fernanda dauphine said...






Jade said...

I think you should name it Doublespeak.

Anonymous said...

i think that ABRIL is a very cute name is April in spanish!

Anonymous said...


fashion is the only cure said...

coco collective

margaux valerie corla said...


oh, and you're my favourite :)


Anonymous said...

also i think cocostresor:]beautiful name

Ivan said...

I sugest, as you have Irish roots, the name "Gorse", as the flower. There is also the well-know saying:
"When gorse is out of blossom, kissing´s out of fashion". Paz y Bien :) .

Ivan said...

I almost forgot to tell you that "Gorse" flowers have a distinctive "coco-nut" scent :)

natasha said...

I still like oh so coco the best!
Cool blog :)


madeline said...

i like the great coco rocha..but i still like oh so coco too...

IceMat "Magelykun" said...

well..they aren't so much ahhaahhaah

acherre said...

my suggestion is "quiero bailar" ..
love that name...

Anonymous said...

What about Cocolate?

Véronique said...

Well, we can say that you have some choice. I really like NYCoco and CO². But maybe you can just name your line after you.I think once you're going to finish to design everything, a name will simply come to your mind.

Hatem Shahbari said...


Claire said...

And why not "De La Rocha" ? So simply and stylish

Kami said...

I think it should just be Coco Rocha, it's simple, but yet professional...

Or you could try "bellissimo" it means everything is beautiful in italian, much like you, your friends, family and you're soon to be clothing line.
Everything is Beautiful..
"bellissimo" would be a great word!

JLMnnqx ♥ said...

How about RoCo-LoCo?

I like the epynomus best :)


bikebyshootings said...

i saw your call out for a name for your line so i decided to drop you a line. because of my work i know how hard it is to find a name for a project and sometimes difficult to continue working on it without one. i've spent countless hours scouring dictionaries, and picking my friend's brains for ideas.

for some reason, the name OCCO just came to me after i read your post. it's simple, and has nice lines. it's a palindrome and it echos your name without being too obvious.

or maybe oCCo , oCo, or OcO?

just some thoughts. good luck baptizing your line.

C.Song said...

I really like 'rococo' but it could do with some variation with spaces in between the letters (ie. ro coco, roc oco, roco co, R-ococo). It's very simple and easy to remember.

cO2. This one really caught my eye . It's a very clever and a very creative name. However unless your clothing line have something to do with carbon dioxide in anyway, this is not a very good choice. You don't want ambiguity for nothing. (Hmmm.. random thought, You chould change it slightly to something like coX2)

gocoro and cocoro are my last favourites. It's got lovely visual effect from repetition of Os and because of this it has cutesy sound to it. (It kind of sound like japanese there's a very cute animation character called totoro)

I thought instead of giving you one name giving you an essay full of suggestions would have been better. I hope you find this helpful and good luck with your new clothing line xxx

Anonymous said...

oh so coco!, it's perfect!! i think

Anonymous said...

Stree, Estrelle, LaLinea

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

estoy muy emocionada d encontrar este blogs aunque no se , siempre se duda de que en verdad sea de coco por que otras personas hacen unos diciendo ser ella y bueno se me ocurren muchos nombres como cocoa bueno me voy

Anonymous said...

coco es hermosa y nos hace ver la persona que es mas alla de su belleza es humana y es una famosa que nos permite conocer su vida y eso es lo mas importante de ella que apezar de ser tan famosa ,bella y rica hace cosas que otras no harian ,ella es mi modelo favorita al igual que FREJA BEHA que la amo pero aun es bueno tener un contacto con lo inalcanzable.

Kearney said...

A suggestion for your new line: M.I.K.K.I. - sounds like artillery and sounds like fashion. Or, more rap style - CocoChile.
Just a little suggestion from friends of Papa Trev'
Tracy & Kearney

laure said...

im french and " Coco la coquine " c'est mignon , non ?