Send Me Your Videos

After posting that last video, I came upon a fun idea. Instead of uploading my own videos all the time, I thought of uploading videos that were made by others, but here is the catch. In order for your video to make it on this site it has to involve models.

It could be your interpretation of a models walk, or maybe your animal who's name is Coco, or perhaps it's you and your friends roll playing your favorite super models. I want to see YOU making movies of us.

Once you've posted it on Youtube send me the link by leaving a comment on this thread, and if it's RESPECTABLE and fun it may be selected for my blog!! Be original! The deadline is the 24th of January.

Let the games begin!!


Mo said...

awesome, can't wait to send you mine

NaxeruL said...

nice!! will try to make one.

Bruno* said...

Hey Coco!

It's a real pleasure to visit your website each day, and i'm glad to share some parts of your life!

I'm french and I wonder for a long time how do we have to pronounce your lastname, now you've a blog I can directly ask you so it's like a k or ch for Rocha?

Thanks! Kiss!

Mo said...

wait? i need an email to send it too...after i create it of course, but yeah..where to send?

macaroonsfortwo said...

How exciting!

Karin said...

I'll try, though videos aren't really my thing ;)
But I just have to say, you really are gorgeous, and it's fun to see a such young model, so "down to earth" or whatever, that has such a great career! I'm sorry about my poor english, I'm really from Sweden.. :P
Anyway, I wish you the best, and can only hope to someday become as great a model as you!

Lou said...


Short clip made in tokyo, end of october 2008.

It's me, Ollie! said...

OMG i'm so doing it! i need to start learning how to make a video though :(

paul said...

I Coco , I'm French , your are my favourite model , please come to see my blog : www.haute-couture2008.skyblog.com ! bye !!

Anonymous said...


love from Mary

Anonymous said...

nice! i loved! i´ll send one soon!

capt.charly said...

Good idea Coco !!!^^

betina said...

my friend in this movie is a model (and she is really beautiful). i specially love her walking in the end. i wrote and directed it. it was really fun for both of us to do it.


B* said...

Hey there.
I just read your entire blog. Mwah.
Kinda entertaining and it's simply nice to see that someone like you (whatever that means.) is so down to earth and enjoying life as much as possible. (:
Can't wait to read more!
Greetings from Vienna. (;

LisaMay said...

Oooh sounds fun :)


Anonymous said...

coco do you live in NYC??

clare said...

my cat is called coco! he likes to dance to rap and hip-hop. i have filmed it for you here. (he is also a model and was in pop magazine last year with magdalena frackowiak)



Diana, distorted said...

Ooooh, I must give this a go!

Anonymous said...

dont be so pretentious..."make videos about us"


debora said...

you're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dover-light said...

love you'r blog (l)

dover-light said...

love you'r blog (l)

Anonymous said...
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chocandcinnamon said...

I'd send u want if I wasn't so bad with computer :S

Anonymous said...

You, Stam and Owen are the best models - Canada represent!

Devore said...

heres a video from last year at NYFW
i tried to find you but i couldnt :/ maybe this year ill have some luck!
ps i got behati lol

can you name everyone?

Anonymous said...

its gonna be fun!

Anonymous said...

hi coco!!

you are very lucky....it´s so funny!


Anonymous said...

HO !
so its super cool
its a good idea i would have me too some groopies who loves me !
the video is in my blog( can i speak in french english is so hard ! ( mais je vais te l'envoyer )

limy said...

Omg Coco I am in love with your blog. Glad to hear updates fom your adorable, ferocious self :D
I made this video about a little more than a year ago showcasing your work, it's gotten so many hits. Check it out!


Sasha said...

I need to get a camera, and FAST!


Ana said...

You should have a photography contest.

E L I Z A B E T H said...

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

Margherita. said...

Cute idea!

Perhaps I'll think of something...

capt.charly said...

A video for you Coco Rocha ahaha shame..... XD

Highlander Dancer jumpstyle !! lol

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to your blog but I just saw your photo in Jan Vogue, pg80, by Raymond Meier and it reminded me of the actress Shanna Collins. She stars in Swingtown. Anyway I think you ladies have a similar look. Check out her pic:

Iris said...

Curious to see the videos! But not talented enought to make my own :b.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Hey coco, I dont have a video, but I just wanted to say that I thought you did a fantastic job in the February Vogue editorial you did. Probably the best ive seen of you.


La Mode is Rad! said...

Great idea! I'm looking forward to see the videos.

Felicia said...

Do you know just how much I adore you?You are sooo cool,and gorgeous.You look like non of the other models,like I can barely tell the difference between Jessica Stam, Lily Donaldson and Sophie Dahl.You rock!


Andres said...



Hi coco, this is my video, it is not do good, cause sold my old camera cause i'm getting a new one, so i had to use the crappy one. it doesn't hear clearly so this is kind of what i said:

I'm form colombia, my name is andres and i'm a photogrphy student
hopefully one day i will meet you and take your picture, i have a pikaboo too, i found him in the streets, as a puppy now he is really old, but i love him, i love your eyes, your nose, ponting up its cute, and the thing you do with ur mputh sometime you close it a litle bit, i don't know i like it, but what i love the most is your goofieness, cause it makes you more human than the rest of the models, in other words i love coco, i love you!!! come to colombia, is paradise, make sure u visit cartagena, besos y abrazos, te adoro.


andres : )

Stephany said...

hi Coco!
useless to say that you're amazing...i'm a really big fan of you...i just wanted to know which shows you'll do in paris this week,i want come to see you!( and maybe meet you!) you're my idol....Stephany

Emma B. said...

Great idea!

Michael Oats said...

Photographed by Michael Oats
(Pictures of my last exhibition)


Anonymous said...

i'm just wondering if you'll accept it on the last day. 'cause i'm busy this week and me and my friends want to do it but the only time we're free is the last day. hope you still watch it and decide <3

Kat said...

i'm looking forward to see some crazy stuff ;)

Jackie said...

i would be so downnn!!! except i have exams this week which kinda sucks so maybe not (boo to being a nerd)
you should def have another one of these sometime in the distant future so my friends and i can amaze you with our skills on windows video maker lol

Ben Cope said...

Hey lady, how have you been? Here is a video me and some friends made while I was doing a photo shoot outside palm springs a couple months ago. I wasn't really acting like a model, but I was shooting one. And I was acting completely retarded while doing so. And it has a few other pretty people in it and a cool car. Let me know what you think.



Fco y Alex said...

here is one of my videos that i made
Top Ten: Best Catwalkers/Models with Best Walk


of course there are 10 models in it!

Hope You Enjoy This Miss Coco!!!


Laura Anais said...

what a fab idea coco darling. it is making me curious to see what everyone will create!
x Laura
Miu Miu Doll

Anonymous said...

How courious findind this blog! A model whith a blog!!
You're fantastic ;)

ariel romano said...

models who blog are definitely my favourites.

Paris said...

Hey Coco, It's Parisa here, i've sent some artwork to you in the past. Funnily enough, I come across this post just as my last uni project was to create a film. Ok, so here is the link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_NQvguUTE7Q

the concept behind it is autism, it's a combination of beauty and awkwardness. The Model's name is actually COCO too! Coco Williams, she is a little star, only 16 and such a pro!

parisa x

Paris said...

Hey Coco, It's Parisa here, i've sent some artwork to you in the past. Funnily enough, I come across this post just as my last uni project was to create a film. Ok, so here is the link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_NQvguUTE7Q

the concept behind it is autism, it's a combination of beauty and awkwardness. The Model's name is actually COCO too! Coco Williams, she is a little star, only 16 and such a pro!

parisa x

mukelarvin said...

I was in Paris for the 2008 FW Fashion Week and made a vlog of my time there.

It's less about models (the only one in the video is Tanya Dziahileva) and more about me (just some guy from Winnipeg) trying to get into Fashion Week events.

Here is a condensed version:
(I'm using it as a job application.)


Stephanie said...

Dear Coco,
We are OH SO excited for your blog! Please tell us all about model life since it is something most of us can only dream of. Plus we love YOUR videos. We want more!

Anyways, we had a "photoshoot" last weekend and put it into video form just for you! By "photoshoot" I mean that we are just a girl that likes to take photos and a skinny boy that likes to be in photos and we both wanted to play with...glitter! Hope you enjoy our faux photoshoot attempt.


♥♥♥ Stephanie & Zach

ps. loves the new red hair!

capt.charly said...

Hi Coco i have some videos for you ^^ i hope than you 'll watch them !
the links :
--Highlander Dancer jumpstyle !! For You COCO ROCHA lol--



big kisses from Paris and tFS ;)

kid prince said...

hey coco! here is my entry, i hope you enjoy it. By the way love your blog and all that you do.


be sure to check out my blog ^_^

Black Poppy said...


Enjoy sweety. You're such wonderfull. I hope you will appreciate my video just for the dead line.

crystal moselle said...



Here are 2 video me and my 8 year old friend made with Jem dolls. (Jem and the Holograms)

As a little girl dolls are your first exposure to fashion and being pretty and dressing up. enjoy

David said...

hi Coco! I love your work and your blog. I hope you like my cheeky/cheezy advertising. :-) After attempting this, I have a lot of respect for a model's ability to sell something, haha its tough work.


Haley and Madelin said...
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It's me, Ollie! said...
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It's me, Ollie! said...
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Haley and Madelin said...


Sorry, we are very late, but we had to upload some different pictures of our photoshoots from the past. Hope you have fun watching all of these.

It's me, Ollie! said...
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It's me, Ollie! said...


Anonymous said...

this just seems like a joke to me.

does no one see anthing strange in a model having other people dedicate videos to her?

imitating models walks?

what happened to coco rocha being down to earth?

how badly do you want to see how much people love you?

thought the blog was very cool before i read about this contest

Oliver said...

she just wanted to do something that will make us have some fun too with her blog.. like a part of it.
obviously we're fans.. some more obsessed than others. but no one should be hating.

Paris said...
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Paris said...

here here Oliver!

Some of us are starting out as film makers, artists and what not. Coco is providing us with a platform to reach our work to a wider audience. She's one of the only models right now doing this and communicating with her fans which makes her unique and she's having fun with it

Ominous245 said...


A touching video tribute to the Canadian Goddess Coco Rocha.. enjoy and let me know what you think..

I Love you!!!!

Anonymous said...







eda said...