Hot Hot Hot!!!

So I've managed to stay completely white some how!!! As you can see I'm as white as the sand on the beach. I'm noticing I've got lots of new freckles, which I really don't need, but what can I do? I have a collection of freckles that I already got from when I was quite young. I went to Mexico with my Dad and my step mom and brother and sister. My little brother had the key to our room which he lost, we looked high and low for it. While we were doing that we forgot to put sun lotion on and VOILA!  Due to a bad sun burn I was given a package of freckles. If you look closely you can see the mark of my bathing suit from all those years ago. This time were putting on our lotion!!!


Oliver said...

lol, living the model life.
hey remember to visit richmond sometime. and if you do, please tell.
you're my favorite modelll :)
comment back if possible please

maureen said...

lovely picture.

C said...

nyc is so miserable right now, you are vacationing at the perfect time.
and your paleness is a nice contrast to the background of the picture, as is the awesome red hair!

Jesus said...

OMG! You came to Mexico, how cool is that, I'm mexican, hope you enjoy your vacations here. is always cool to visit your blog.
BTW many of the people on TFS are latins.

Have a nace day. Miss Rocha

ryder said...

ghostly indeed, but never the less looking lovely! loving the red hair too!

Jesus said...

oh, which part of Mexico did you visited????

Anonymous said...

That always happens to me, or I get really sunburnt. Its so infuriating!

mukelarvin said...

Better than a sunburn in the shape of Canada.
(Like my roommate.)

Although it was quite patriotic.


Anonymous said...

This is soch a gorgeous picture!
Btw, freckles aren't that bad! Actually they just have to look great with your red hair!
Hope you're having a great time!

k.n. said...

lol, what was yr lil brother doin' witha main key. i love the red hair (even though i voted blonde out of first instinct and burning curiosity/imagination) and do continue to stay milky white, it looks great with the new hairrr.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're staying here for NYE cause there will be huge fireworks at the harbour bridge.
I like your shoes

Anonymous said...

lovely coco!

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes !
& You are beautiful !

Anonymous said...

hey coco
i tried to send u a commenbt yest ...dunno if u got it.

i have really good photos of u in backstage.
i really want u to have them as u r a role model for me.
can u send me ur address on :degroovin@hotmail.com

hope to hear from u
ps:if u remember once at elie saab backstage i told u coco be nice to me and u were making fun out of it :D



Your photo is like a dream, when we are struggling here with snow and cold weather. I wish I was there, too. Enjoy :)

Natacha said...

You are so lucky, I want sun! lol Right now it's always raining in Paris :(
I have freckles too, sometimes they are so horrible. I really don't love them :s


Ana said...

Wait is this really Coco Rocha?

Elena said...

freckles are so cute! And now that you are a red head it's a must-have! You are way too gorgeous to care about such stuff!

Rebecca said...

ahh sun :) aren't you lucky
freckles are quite cute actually, it's better than me, i've noticed i've been getting more moles on my arms! not nice? x

Anonymous said...

Coco Rocha
elle a des yeux de chat
la première fois que je l'es vu
je savai que j'allai être sa plus grande fan, je l'es su.
Dans ma chambre, en cours...
elle est toujours présente dans mon coeur
j'adorerai l'avoir comme grande soeur
Mais elle, elle ne sais même pas que j'existe
et sa me rend triste.
Je sais que ça ne plais pas à des gens
mais pourtant je ne peu pas faire autrement.
par moi.

Coco Rocha, toujours aussi souriante
ses yeux, sa bouche,son visage me hante
si quelqun disai "j'adore Coco Rocha"
je dirai, moi, ce n'est même pas que je l'adore ce n'est pas ça
la première fois que je l'es vu (dans la pub Yves St-Laurent) elle m'a complètement hypnotiser, ensorceler, je suis longtemps rester bouche bée devant cette photo, telement qu'elle était belle, j'ai pleurer
depuis je suis complètement Rochanisé
elle m'est indispensable
et moi avec mes "je l'aime"
je suis peut-être insuportable
Coco, je te promet qu'un jour je te rencontrerai
ce jour sera tellement grandiose, que ca sera dur pour moi de retourné à la réalité,
à la vie dont je ne te voi que sur des photos
c'est pour toi que je dis tout ces mots!!
texte par moi

Coco, je t'aime!!!!!!!!!

come on my blog and post comments!

love from Marie

MR style said...

hey hey dudette i wanna interview you for my blog !! do u think it's possible !! i did one of stylist nicola formichetti, photographer mariano vivanco, colette shop owner Sarah, model chad white or editor in chief of models.com website...and many more !! please please agree

Montse said...

Freckles... haha i understand you perfectly... althought I think you've got more than I... I used to hate them but lately I thought it was a part of me so... now I adore them! Not everybody can say that;) so enjoy them!

Wax said...

What a gorgeous sun bather! I so love your get-up, Coco ;)

Anonymous said...

Got that problem too. Can't stay in the sun without tons of lotion! Haha!

Love the red hair, btw!!

Maverick said...

That beach looks so lush! You're so lucky to be away on vaca right now! I love your blog!

x. Mav

Anonymous said...

so, much like diamonds, freckles are forever (though, sadly, not a girl's best friend)? Had no idea. I thought they just faded over time.

Glad I don't freckle.

Anonymous said...

lovely picture
i love freckles and i still can't get over how amazing you look with red hair :)

Muse said...

gorgeous, congrats on not getting tanned ;)

Stylecopycat said...

Care that skin!



chelsea said...

what a lovely photograph. enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous, as always. ! And this view.. This foto makes me feel like I was there..

anna said...

I just saw you in the H&M campaign for their spring collection and you looked great! :) Yor are definately one of my favourite models!

Krystal said...

How are you loving your red hair? Its just fantastic! x

Karina said...

LOVE your shoes!
I think its nice with freckles:)

Sarah-Mary said...

i know the feeling, I was in egypt for a week and spent pretty much the entire time in the sun. I ended up with pale skin and even paler bikini marks :(

Anonymous said...

you need a better sun block and an umbrella but you are cute as always!

Jella and Jo said...

oh my god you look so british, not sure if i like that maybe not if you stand in the hot sun.



Liina said...

Absolutely love the sandals if you will. love the picture as well, just discovered the blog and it's fabulous. thanks :)

Anonymous said...


Punky M said...

haha, don't care 'bout the freckles... I also get a lot of them and never tanned... anyway, u look great in white (so do i haha)

Anonymous said...

beign white is kinda cute. you can have red nails and wear doll dresses.

Isa said...

ah, getting tanned.
I try a new method every year and all I am getting out of it are freckles.
if you come to unravelthis mystery-apart from the victoria´s secret way of bronzing-spray- tell me!

Michelle said...

Better freckles than moles [what i get]! well, look on the bright side, you can play connect the dots!

I'm white too [being vietnamese/irish] but i tan pretty easy.
it's that yellow skintone.
people mistake me for mexican from may-october.
from november-april, i'm white as can be

The Fashion Fiend said...

You look very cute, doll. :)
Maybe you don't tan well because of your Irish blood? I'm part Native American and tan like crazy...
Love your blog updates as usual! Also loved your new H&M campaign. You looked gorg! ;) Keep it up.

PAM said...

eeh ur so pale! but dont forget sunscreen!

cleo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sasha said...

Enjoy the sun while your there. In London it's about two degrees celsius right now. Freezing!


capt.charly said...

Oh Mexico ?! lucky !!! i would like to go there !!
beautiful pic :)

Anonymous said...



giselle said...

happy new Year, Coco!

*champagne kisses*

Miriam said...


Dori said...

fucking hell, i would love to be there RIGHT NOW....

love from Germany (the place wiv freezin cold days AND nights)

joann said...

omg you look so beautiful as a redhead!!! you're one of my favorite models ever.

atelier said...

I didn't have time to vote on your poll, but I'd like to say that you look much more beautiful brunette;) happy new year

Jack Daniel said...

Wow, is this taken in Australia?

Emily said...

what a beautiful picture...it has such a whimsical feel in front of that immense background. i love your blog btw...care to exchange links?

Marc Katigbak said...

please do tan!
and let's see if the fashion world
will be headlining that! AHAHHA... especially the "fabulous" anna wintour.. bwahahhaha..

much luvvs! <3
happi new yearr! :)

Glambition said...

Ohhh wow. This is wonderful and I love you Coco!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You have a chance to be a model known! This is my dream of being dummy! You are fun you and your friend Behati Prinsloo xD you are beautiful, smiling, delirious! I have three French blogs =P
I am pleased that you would spend!xD
I give you the address =):
My three blogs are similar xD if you want, I like you sign your name by making comments (if you put =))
Je pense a toi!
Ps:I am French xD

Coco Pop said...

White legs, black & blue foot, freckles on your arms...sounds like a colourful vacation! I too have white legs, black and blue feet (from frostbite!) and freckles on my arms.

Jean said...

hello my beloved coco ... So begins this beautiful 2009 and the question I have is ... gateways that couture (besides that of Jean Paul Gaultier) plan to display your new and beautiful red hair?
Indeed beautiful lights on the cover of Vogue Spain Until then ...

Anonymous said...

I'm from Mexico :)
The picture is lovely as you!
Hope you have had a great time in Mx :)

Iris said...

Wow, nice pic ^^

TheNextFashionGeneration said...

i understand your problem ! like last summer i was in italy and i was the whole first day at the beach and when i came back to the hotel and saw my face in a mirrow, i was sooo shocked(not only i) ! i had so much
freckles , happily they all gone away ... my mom has a recipe against freckles (i think so) if you want i can ask her for it and write it to you(it is nothing chemical)

sorry for my english i know it's bad but i'm learning it

elinalexi said...

freckles are cute! ;)

Daphne said...

really white!! jaja

NYCjuicebox said...

I love freckles! And you look amazing pale! xxxx

Anonymous said...

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