Can't Live With Out

                     ~Who says a model doesn't use makeup~
This was the first thing I unpacked and probably the most important. I'm a firm believer in makeup and their for good skin care products. I am recently testing out beauty control spa line. Which seems to be working out very well. I recommend trying the hot green tea mask, it has a warming sensation. Who needs a spa when you have such Yummy home treatments!!


heidi said...

Beauty, you really don't need such products! By the way, welcome to the internet: I already love your blog.

la parisina said...

hey, great start (and great hair ;0) I'm also thinking about a post on my latest beauty essays … so good to hear about yours. I’m also a blog beginner (almost one week!!) come and visit whenever you want ;0)

continue posting please, we like youuuuu

Anonymous said...

haha great :) one more model in the blogworld. but a crazy one :) like it!

Emma Sweden said...

Can you tips about your favorite beauty product?

U said...

Dear Coco,
I've always wanted to know what primers, foundations and conceilers are being used at fashion shows, and I'd love to hear your personal favourites! I've been having problems with my skin for ages (especially since I have a lot of scars, after surviving a car accident as a teenager), and I would really, really appreciate some tips!

Also, I want you know that I think you seem like such a "real" person, and I really like that about you and your blog!

U from Sweden

Queen Victoria said...

I love your blog and think the whole being a model and having a blog is very cool, you have a lot of fans, including myself, and I just love reading ur posts... have a good day! :)

Nemerae said...

OMG I can't believe you're really Coco Rocha.. but yes! haha :) welcome!
I use every day the Garnier Pure A line, and I can't go out without my black eyeliner... :P lol
Btw I love the pic in your previous post, that view is just stunning!!! I've always wanted to go there *.* and you look so beautiful.. love your hair!
Could I add you, couldn't I? ^^

Down Home Girl said...

I work for YSL cosmetics...from me to you, u are the best campaign model we have had yet!!

p.s. you must have more YSL in your cosmetics bag than that?...for the love of makeup!

ulka said...

" A plastic tan never fades " , hahah, so cool.
Hey coco, nice blog and nice video.
Good luck!
kisses from argentina

octavio cayeta said...

Good to see your are finally doing the blog thing.
Darling Coco, can you post pics of your wardrobe to amaze us?

pd. keep posting

I cocolove you.

Steffi said...

YSL is great. Also Kérastase, I sometimes use thier hair masks and I really love it.

M said...

omg. ur even cooler "in person" cmpared to ur bad assssss editorials. Ur one of my favorite models fowwww seriouss. haha iluv oh so coco!

Kat said...

i really love your new haircolour! greetings from germany!

Amber said...

Haha, your file is hilarious!

B. said...

hey Coco, i have just discovered your blog and i really like the idea of talking about your real life, a model's life! i'm going to add you to my blogroll!
I love your style, in fact i was thinking about a post about 2models in real life" and of course you are going to appear :D

yulanda said...

I've always been tempted to get that Quo palette. Have fun during your Australian adventures!

jd said...

hi coco!!! i love your blog:) always have even the other one...have an amazing time in oz!! i'm jealous...!

happy holidays to you and your family...glad you re-did your site!! i'm getting a lot of compliments about it:)

happy 2009!!!

Juan Pablo said...

Coco you don't need nothing of that products, you're beautiful, I don't know if you remember me but I'm Juan Pablo from Chile .

Coco you should teach us the Irish dance!!!!!!!. You were amazing in JP Gaultier show FW 07. (In Youtube there's one video)

i've got a question for you:

what fashion magazines do you read?

Have a nice day :)

Dan said...

CoCo But what is your real name?????????????!

Anonymous said...

I just love beauti control, really is an amazing line, and Pantene is the best shampoo line out there, I swear.
You are beautiful lady :)

(A Vancouver Island Fan)

Lucy said...

:O lots of makeup! it'd be nice to give us some tips on applying makeup and whatnot. I myself am a makeup novice -_- I don't use any...lip balm is as far as I'll go.
love, Lucy

Anonymous said...

I hate wearing make-up but I have to so as not to scare people. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm so surprised! I am so happy you're using the affordable brands! Simply because it works! lol...Great!

Igor+andré said...

hi Coco,
I've been drawing a blogger portrait Series.
and i ended up drawing you tonight for it.
if you want to see it it's up at
if you want the high res version of it just email.
hope you like it. :)

Elena said...

I love love love your new hair color! It looks so totally great on you! (irrelevant with the post... I know!) You are by faaaaaaar the best!

Jackie said...

Skin care products will damage your skin eventually. The best way to do it is to stick one product/brand for a very long time...

Happy Holiday!

Julia Blanco said...

hi coco, it's great to see you've started a blog :)!!
just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy all your videos on STYLE.COM, i hope there are more to come.

Miriam said...

yey great i dont even use make up haha :) keep on blogging!


lancelloti said...

Coco! I can't believe you have a blog. I really luv your work, you're my favorite model. I'll add your blog on mine. It's in portuguese, but.. haha if you want to take a look anyway... www.lancelloti.wordpress.com

Viviana said...

Hello Coco!
I don´t know what to say, but I looove reading your blog!

Greets from Chile!

Kenza said...

Hello Coco

I don't think you remember me but we work together for Americana Manhasset and French Magazine... Just discover your blog, i like it !

It's so "fresh".

Check mine ^^



Dont go to my blog. i feel like a stalker cause ive just posted a whole load about you...!
you are my absolute favouritest (is that a word?) model!
and i LOVE your new hair do. I cant believe your in sydney :) my home town yo! lols, enjoy it! and i apologise on behalf of australia (if im allowed to do so) on the shitty weather lately, but it was pretty good today.
I wanna see you and take a picture WITHOUT your make up! haha i only wish!


AsianCajuns said...

Fun blog, Coco! We're jealous of your swag of beauty products ;)
Hope you have a great time in Aussie-land!

gaëlle said...

Hi Coco,
it's nice/comforting to see that even a model has as much beauty stuff as I/not a model do!!
I just dicovered you blog: thank you for not taking the whole thing too seriously :)

Juan Pablo said...

Coco (it's not about the subject but...) you looks so gorgeous in Vouge España January 2009!!!!!!!

Greetings from chile!!!!

Sarah said...

go, coco, give us ur favourite brands^^
u r awesome

Lady said...

I love Arm & Hammer toothpaste : )

SOS! said...

Hope you're having a fantastic time in Syndney! New years should be amazing there if you're around then.

I can't live without mac matt lipsticks, I have a collection of the matt ones, and I'm a bit compulsive about buying them too! They're so great on. The color stays for ages! And also.. I really really can't live without lipsmackers... It sounds a bit too 13 year old, but hey..it moistures.

xx- LJ from SOS!

Jenny said...

Every girl needs her beauty products! Who What Wear's shop the closet section is all under $75, and they have a great selection of beauty products! Check it out whowhatwear.com

ithaa said...

IL love your blog coco! It is very cool to talk about your real life in your own blog!

philippine said...

super idée ce blog! LOVE IT!
bonne continuation, a frenchie fan :)

Krystal said...

Coco, I publish whatisrealityanyway.com, would you be interested in doing a five-minute interview questionnaire for a feature on the website? Just let me know, or email me at krystal.whatisreality@gmail.com
I know the readers would Love to see you featured!

Krystal Simpson

Sharlo said...

uh ahh
im afraid I want ur red hair. haha
its stunning!!
I didnt kno models have blogs :D im lame
well ill put uon my list.
u seem like a real person.not so stuck up. me like

noiamnot said...

Dear Coco:
First of all, I love your blog, it's really cool that you have the time to do it and this changes a bit the perception that people could have about models (not mine, of course).
Love your hair, really fierce.
Hope you continue posting, coz I really enjoy reading it and your videos are AWESOME.

Please please, continue posting.
Greetings from Chile.

megan said...

Great new hair, you are so fierce! I also grew up in Richmond (I'm in Vancouver now...). I look forward to reading more posts!

megan / http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

Mashenka said...

believe me the surf and the beaches are waaay better than sydney. I will be very delighted to show you around the coast!

Montse said...

hot green tea mask, ok, i'll take note of that!
congratulations for your work!
from Barcelona, with love

Anonymous said...

oh ! you love "j'adore" de Dior & foundation MACosmetics !!! Me, my favorite perfume is calvin klein & rochas ! Kiss :)

Sarah said...

what's the syringe for?

you're a great supermodel AND role model =) thanks for being such a cool person =D

Sarah from Canada too =)

Anonymous said...

Love you forever Shopper's Drug Mart ;)

xo Katherine

misssable said...

i love how your products all look well used and loved :)

Daniella said...

I have also red hair, much more darker than yours and i have used the Pantene line for red hair, is it working for you? it didnt work for me, at least i thought it was the shampoo the one to blame, it smells nice but i felt it didnt clean my hair properly and the color faded super fast, was it just me?

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

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